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Cylodyn is a new weight loss product available from the TruDerma company. At the time of this review in March 2012, the company is selling the product for pre-order only, and has not publicly revealed a time when the product will be available to everyone. Read this review to learn more about what to expect from the weight loss product, and how it may be able to help you reach your goals.

List of Ingredients

The ingredient list for Cylodyn is not available at the time of this review.

Product Features

Cylodyn claims to be an alternative to the HCG diet, the hormone based drop system, combined with a very low calorie (VLCD) approach. While some ingredients, such as: the amino acids found in the HCG hormone, caffeine, green tea, and Cisscus, are listed, a full ingredients list has yet to be made available. Though the amino acids in the hormone are present, the hormone itself is not. This claims to be able to enhance your mood, help you burn fat, and lose weight while following a VLCD. If you are interested in the formula, expect to spend $59.99 for a single 42 day cycle supply. You are advised not to continuously follow a diet of this nature. You should follow it as directed, and take a break from it before starting again. It is likely weight loss results will only be temporary.

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  • Cylodyn offers a hormone-free alternative to HCG based diets.
  • This product is all natural.


  • Cylodyn is not publicly available yet, so there are no product reviews or customer testimonials.
  • VLCDs are potentially dangerous for your body, as you need a certain number of calories just to function every day.
  • No diet guidelines are given with this product.
  • Exercise, though healthy, is not recommended on such a low calorie intake based program.
  • Trying to follow this diet without taking a break in between cycles could lead to some serious health issues.


Cylodyn is a product we caution against because it promotes the use of a very low calorie diet. If you are advised to follow a program like this by your doctor, then you may want to consider it. That said, however, until this product is available on the shelves, rather than pre-order, we advise you to wait. Without an ingredient list or customer reviews, there is plenty reason to wait it out and see what others think of it first. This product will not be effective without using a very low calorie diet, and should only be used for 42 days at a time. We recommend you follow a normal caloric intake diet, with exercise if you want to see results you can sustain for a longer period of time.

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    Georgia Neal

    Where can this oroduct be purchased?


  • 2

    If you take This product would it cause a false positive pregnancy test??


  • 3

    Has any one asked the obvious question? If this mimics a Pregnancy hormone, THE pregnancy hormone that a pregnancy test detects, that improves fertility etc etc. What are the risk to women? can this invoke false pregnancy, a false positive pregnacy test? increase fertility mess with your body’s regular cycle? mess with your body in general? breasts, skin etc.. I realize its “Hormone free” but that doesnt mean it cant trick your body if its “Constituents of HCG”


  • 4

    Would you suggest that if a person has hig blood prssure and take medicine for high blood pressure would cylodyn be a good product for them to take to loose wright or is it to high risk?


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    Can I take this if I have high blood pressure y


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