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Denise Austin Hot Body Yoga is a series of yoga workout DVDs designed for people who want to do yoga from the comfort of their own home. Yoga is an excellent way to tone the body and strengthen the muscles while getting a cardio workout, too. We will take a closer look at this DVD series by the well known fitness professional to see if we think it will work out for you.

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Denise Austin Hot Body Yoga is a yoga DVD spearheaded by none other than fitness professional, Denise Austin. The DVD features two separate 30 minute long yoga routines that will help you build a stronger body and mind. These routines are suited for both beginners and experts, making the DVD more widely appealing. The two workouts will share a variety of yoga poses that will help sculpt and tone your body to your liking. The routines are lead by Denise herself, and are set to music to help make them more enjoyable. Some of the DVDs may come with a coupon entitling the user to a free exercise ball, to help them get even more from the workout.

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  • Denise Austin Hot Body Yoga is available from a wide variety of online and conventional merchants for less than $20.
  • You do this workout from the comfort and privacy of your own home.
  • Netflix subscribers can view this title instantly on their computer or TV.


  • Denise Austin Hot Body Yoga is not developed by a yoga expert.
  • People who have never done yoga or who are just getting started may do better with live instruction first to ensure they are getting everything right before moving on to the video.
  • This program is likely more appealing to women rather than men.
  • No diet or nutrition advice is offered with this program.
  • Doing the same workout over and over again every day will become tiresome and boring, quickly.


Denise Austin Hot Body Yoga is a good choice for people who are looking for an easy-to-do yoga workout. However, doing yoga alone will not help you lose weight. You must be willing to make dietary changes to your lifestyle for the long term along with working out nearly every day of the week if you want to see real results. Following a reduced calorie balanced diet and using a yoga workout almost every day will yield significant results. If you want to make your new lifestyle work harder for you, try adding a clinically proven fat burner or appetite suppressant as directed to your daily regimen.

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