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Deoxycholate Kit is a weight reduction product that’s claimed to address issues like cellulite and unwanted fat. Apparently the cost is a whopping $540; however, there is no official website available. This method involves a series of shots, which are called microinjections. The goal is to “dissolve” fat cells and eventually lead to inches lost. It doesn’t look like this kit is sold online at this time. Furthermore, there doesn’t appear to be a money-back guarantee offered, nor are there any testimonials for support.

To put it plain and simple, the Deoxycholate Kit is described as a “lipo-dissolve treatment,” which offers the key “pharmaceutical compound” known as “Phosphatidylcholine Deoxycholate.” This substance is said to dissolve fat cells after they’ve absorbed it. The process then involves the cells becoming inflamed, and then finally hardened so that they can be expelled from the body. There is no valid data presented online regarding the company that manufactures the Deoxycholate Kit. At this point, it’s rather difficult to acquire information on this new-age kit product. From what’s revealed online, there are no oral supplements taken, but rather only the microinjections, which are given through small needles. Whether or not the Deoxycholate Kit is suitable for both women and men is not discussed. However, it seems to be marketed more toward women, as most other weight loss products are.


Not available on an official website.

Product Features

The Deoxycholate Kit is a fat reduction product that may assist some individuals with improving their waistline. By breaking down fat cells with tiny injections of Phosphatidylcholine Deoxycholate, the user is able to see at least temporary results (if all goes well). In regards to a healthy diet and daily fitness regimen, these are not mentioned with the Deoxycholate Kit. Overall, there is very minimal information provided on this product at this time, which makes it somewhat difficult to assess. It is believed to be an at-home fat loss remedy that primarily addresses the user’s mid-section.

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  • The Deoxycholate Kit offers a somewhat unique approach to fat reduction.


  • At this time there doesn’t appear to be an actual website for the Deoxycholate Kit.
  • There are no consumer reviews or success stories presented online to support the overall effectiveness of this product.
  • The Deoxycholate Kit sells for a whopping $540, which will cause some dieters to turn the other cheek.
  • There is no documented satisfaction guarantee offered with this product.
  • It’s unclear where the Deoxycholate Kit can be acquired at this time.


Overall, the Deoxycholate Kit comes across as rather unique and interesting with its key component of Phosphatidylcholine Deoxycholate, and the way it’s administered though “microinjections.” However, it may be tough for some people to get past the massive $540 price tag. Not to mention most people do not prefer shots of any kind. Especially not in comparison to capsules that are typically taken orally with water. Regardless, it doesn’t appear that this product is still up for sale any longer.

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