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DEVA Nutrition is one of the only vitamin/mineral and herbal supplement manufacturers who is 100% committed to providing Vegan friendly products. Many companies will provide one or two products geared towards the vegan lifestyle, but at DEVA Nutrition all of their products are vegan friendly. This means there is not any animal or animal by-product in any of their supplements. DEVA Nutrition has a large number of products available for vegans and vegetarians. This is the most complete grouping of nutritional supplements for this type of consumer available by on manufacturer.


The ingredients for the DEVA Nutrition products vary from product to product. Each product is incased in a vegan friendly capsule which contains only plant based ingredients. The vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements are manufactured at a GMP and FDA certified facility to ensure the high quality.

Product Features

DEVA Nutrition has a great track record for having the highest quality of nutritional supplements geared towards vegan and vegetarian lifestyles. This company is recommended by the Vegan Society as being Vegan approved. The products manufactured by DEVA Nutrition only use the highest quality ingredients and all are vegan friendly. Many manufacturers produce a few products which are vegan friendly, but DEVA Nutrition is 100% vegan qualified products. The company has the highest standing with several environmentally friendly organizations. This line of products has a number of products designed to complete the nutritional needs of vegans and vegetarians. They produce multi- vitamins for adults as well as children. The dedicated website for DEVA Nutrition provides a full list of ingredients for each of its products and also included dosage instructions right on their website. DEVA Nutrition does not sell their products through their dedicated website though. The DEVA Nutrition products can be found on a number of online retailers as well as brick and mortar stores. The price for DEVA Nutrition products varies greatly from product to product. The least expensive product retails for $5 and the most expensive for just under $40.

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  • DEVA Nutrition is a 100% Vegan Friendly based Company.
  • DEVA Nutrition products are manufactured in GMP and FDA certified facilities.


  • DEVA Nutrition does not sell their own products to consumers through their dedicated website.
  • There is not a money back guarantee for DEVA Nutrition products.
  • DEVA Nutrition products do not promote weight loss.


DEVA Nutrition is a manufacturer of Vegan certified nutritional supplements. DEVA Nutrition promises 100% vegan friendly ingredients in all of their products. The nutritional products manufactured by DEVA Nutrition are high quality nutritional supplements but may not be able to provide complete nutrition for all consumers. Consumers should consult a physician as to what nutritional supplements should be included in their diet, especially for a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. DEVA Nutrition products do not promote weight loss, these are merely nutritional supplements to supplement a daily nutritional needs.

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