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DHEA stands for Dehydroepiandrosterone. The adrenal glands produce this hormone commonly used in weight loss supplements. The reason DHEA is so important in the body is because is precursors testosterone. The DHEA hormone also precursors estrogen, which is one reason many bodybuilders are may turn away from the supplement.

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As is the case with many other hormones in the human body, the DHEA hormone starts to dwindle around the age of 30. Every year, the body makes less and less DHEA hormone. By the age of 80, the DHEA hormone level in the body is about 95% lower than it was at 29 years old.

There are plenty of research studies and clinical trials on the DHEA hormone. These include aging, Addison’s disease, mood and weight loss. It is the mood boosting and weight loss effects dieters are most interested in.

Mood boosters have been used for quite some time as a weight loss supplement. The prescription drug Wellbutrin, for instance, can be prescribed for depression, smoking and weight loss. Patients who take it for weight loss are not getting any boost in fat burning. Instead, they are getting a boost in mood so they may stick to the weight loss diet they have chosen longer. DHEA hormone may boost mood just enough to achieve this same goal without a prescription.

Weight loss studies are less definitive. Some agencies claim muscle mass is increased when the DHEA hormone is supplemented. The fact that the DHEA hormone can be converted to testosterone makes this an interesting theory, but there are clinical trials on the other end of the spectrum that claim DHEA does not improve muscle mass at all. Age may be an issue in this case as any study that used participants under the age of 30 may be slightly imbalanced. The DHEA hormone is stable in the body until the age of 30 when it starts to decline thus supplementation will not likely have a significant effect.

There are potential side effects of taking DHEA. One of the most important potential side effects may be an increased risk of cancer. Certain forms of cancer feed on estrogen or testosterone. If DHEA increases these hormones, the risk of cancer may be increased as well.

DHEA hormone supplements sell for prices starting at $3.31. There are supplement available for much more than that, so the dieter will need to research the company selling the product before purchasing.

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  • May increase estrogen or testosterone levels.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Not proven to increase weight loss.
  • Increased risk of certain forms of cancer.


There is plenty of hype surrounding DHEA hormone but supplementation will not likely increase weight loss.

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