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Dherbs.com is a web based company selling supplements. This company makes claims to be able to cure any disease since all diseases they believe are caused by the foods we eat and the pollutions we are exposed to. Dherbs.com has a vast array of supplements. They have a variety of cleansing treatments for everything from depression to blood cleansers. There is a variety of publications also sold on Dherbs.com.


Dherbs.com is a web based supplement company focused on what their idea of a healthy lifestyle. They have a number of products all with different ingredients included in them.

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Dherbs.com is a web based business selling nutritional supplements and literature to individuals looking to improve their health. The company Dherbs.com has also made some radical claims which have grabbed the attention of the FDA. On June 2, 2008 The FDA sent a letter to the Dherbs.com company stating that they were in violation of the” Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the Act) [21 U.S.C. § 321(g)(1)(B)]”. This act states that for a product to state that it can cure, treat or prevent diseases it must be considered a drug. The Dherbs.com company does not have a drug licenses to be able to make these claims and their products are also not approved to treat, cure or prevent said diseases. An example of Dherbs.com claims that provoked this letter from the FDA can still be found on their website. This included claims found on Dherbs.com website such as : “No matter what disease or so-called incurable disease you may be presently afflicted with diabetes, genital herpes, AIDS, bronchitis or asthma, cancer, obesity, fibroid tumors, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, impotence, infertility, STDS . . . the Full Body Detox will start the healing and eradicating process.” The products that can be found on this website have a large number of ingredients in each treatment. The ingredients list of one cleansing product includes laxatives, diuretics, vomit inducing agents, and stimulants. This product will have side effects associated with taking it, but which are not disclosed on the website. Their has been no scientific evidence produced by this company to prove their products can produce they claims they make.

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  • Dherbs.com has a vast number of products that are supposed to detox and heal the body.


  • Dherbs.com has been notified by the FDA that they are violating the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act by claiming they can cure diseases.
  • The products sold by Dherbs.com contain a large number of ingredients which have been found to be harmful if not properly used.
  • Dherbs.com makes claims to be able to cure diseases such as AIDS, Hepatitis and herpes all of which currently do not have any such cure in existence.


Dherbs.com claims to be able to cure any disease since they are all created from what people eat and the pollutions they are exposed to. This company makes radical claims that should not be taken seriously by consumers. The FDA has gone as far as to send this company a letter to inform them of their offenses against federal acts and laws. Consumers who are contemplating using a product from Dherbs.com should contact a medical professional for guidance and approval before stopping traditional treatments or using a product from this company as it may be harmful to their health.

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  • 1
    Rose Brown

    I started (attempted to) the cleanse but did not make it any further than the first set of pills. A couple hours after taking them, I had nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea for over 3 hours. When my sister contacted the company to get a refund, she was told that they would not honor a refund because the product was opened. How can you use it if you don’t open it! I am healthy and had such a horrible reaction, be careful what you put in your body!!!


  • 2

    how much is the product? what kind of diet do you have to be on with dherbs?


  • 3

    I need f to talk to someone about this dherb diet detoxic program because I want to start this program but don’t know want I need to take cant do pill at all if someone could stair me in the right direction so I can get started dherb to die for in deep need of the right direction. THANKS


  • 4

    I want to know what the side effect for this products.


  • 5
    georgia hogan

    will the pancreas formula and rinse help my pancreas and blood sugar levels?


  • 6

    FDA??? But cigaretts and beer is legal.


  • 7

    what is the cost.


  • 8

    can you take this if you have high blood presser.


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