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Diabolic Labs is a supplement company geared towards athletes to provided proven ingredients to boost performance and to also enhance weight loss. This web based company that sells their products exclusively through their dedicated website. This supplement company claims to only use the high quality raw products in their unique formulas. Diabolic Labs currently has three products retailing on their dedicated website. One of which is a weight loss supplements that is designed to be the ultimate fat burner.


Diabolic Labs claims to use the highest quality of ingredients in their three products available for sale on their dedicated website. The first product is their weight loss product named Cytomorph. This product contains 1,3-dimethylamylamine, 3,5 diiodo-L-thyronine, Tetradecylthioacetic acid, Salvia Miltiorrhiza (40% tanshinones) andColeus Forskohlii (10% forskolin). They also have created a testosterone booster called Amplify which contains: D-Asparic Acid 4000MG, and Androst-3, 5-Diene-7, 17-Dione 90MG.

Product Features

Diabolic Labs has created two unique products for the dedicated athlete. These products seem to contain highly effective ingredients for their purposes. The first product from Diabolic Labs is their weight loss supplement. Cytomorph contains highly rated fat burners. There is scientific evidence that can be found through independent research groups that back the fat burning effects of these ingredients. There is one slight problem with Diabolic Labs Cytomorph weight loss product. The company has clearly stated on their website that this is not a product for athletes who are subject to drug testing. Any product that does not allow users to pass a drug test should be seriously considered before using. The benefits of such a product may not out weight the disadvantages such as failing a rug test and losing your job or scholarship! The next product from Diabolic Labs is their testosterone booster. This product does not come with the possible drug test failing memo. It is a natural and effective way to build muscle faster than otherwise an average person could. Finally the last product available from Diabolic Las at the time of this review is their Pure Whey protein formula. This is a powder protein that is taken as a shake or drink blend. Isoforce is a protein powder which contains only 110 calories per serving but provides the user with 27 grams of protein. Isoforce from Diabolic Las does not contain any fat or calories from fat. It also provides consumers with 156 milligrams of calcium per serving. This is a great low card protein powder which will help athletes and dieters feel full longer and helps build more muscle. Each of the Diabolic Labs products appears to sell for $45.00 each. The serving per container varies depending on the consumer’s use of the product.

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  • Diabolic Labs sells their products through their dedicated website.
  • The ingredients in the Diabolic Labs products are carefully chosen for their proven effects on the body.
  • While Diabolic Labs has a dedicated website there is not contact information about this company available online.
  • Diabolic Labs has a clear warning of possible drug test interaction with their weight loss product Cytomorph.


Diabolic Labs is a web based business selling supplements to enhance the performance of its users. These products appear to contain highly effective ingredients, but consumers should be weary of any ingredient which can cause them to fail a drug test. Athletes are not the only consumers who could have negative ramifications from a failed drug test.

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