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Diatia is described on the official website as a “way of life and wellness.” This term essentially means “diet” in Greek. As opposed to mere supplements and pills, this company offers knowledge regarding eating right and living healthy. As stated on the website, users learn more about their relationship with food. The Diatia program is basically supposed to assist people with adopting healthy eating habits that suit them as an individual, and aid with long term weight loss.

It appears that the Diatia facility is a single business located in St. Cloud, Minnesota. There are four different aspects addressed on the website, which are Behavior (the initial step that involves altering behavior and setting goals), RX (information on lifestyle changes), Fitness (workout programs to suit each individual), and Nutrition (assistance with a healthy diet plan). A free consultation is offered to men and women that choose the Diatia program. This is where clients learn more about their body and what they need to do. There are three staff biographies presented on the official website to inform people about what to expect from Diatia. Furthermore there is an FAQ section that addresses several questions/concerns.

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Diatia is a weight loss and wellness program that can be found in Minnesota. This company incorporates more of a lifestyle change that potentially leads to a healthier body and significant fat loss. There are two options addressed on the official website for the Diatia program. These are (option one) the “three discipline” system that involves eating the right foods, managing your health and making the best choices in life, and (option two) which involves a behavior coach and goal setting. This second option may lead to better wellness overall and higher confidence levels. Some factors that are incorporated into the Diatia fat loss and wellness program are professional staff, individualized assessments, one-on-one coaching/counseling, and confidentiality.

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  • The Diatia program doesn’t involve any potentially harmful weight loss drugs.
  • With this program, users are encouraged to adopt healthy eating habits, exercise regularly and improve overall life choices.


  • The actual cost of Diatia is not revealed on the official website.
  • There are no convenient appetite suppressants or fat burning supplements involved with the Diatia program.
  • Some individuals may not care for the drastic lifestyle change involved with this program.
  • There is not much of a way for individuals residing outside of Minnesota to utilize the Diatia program.


In the end, Diatia is mostly just suitable for residents of St. Cloud Minnesota. After all, there is really no way for anyone living in other parts of the world or country to join Diatia. One important aspect of this weight loss/health program that everyone should realize is the lifestyle change it calls for. In other words, if you do not wish to alter your currently lifestyle drastically, then you should seek out a more convenient supplement that suppresses appetite, burns away unwanted fat, and assists with overall weight management.

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