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Naturally there are many distinct approaches to weight loss these days. Just take a look at Diet Power 4.4. This is a weight loss and nutrition coaching software that’s suitable for both women and men. This unique coaching software may be able to assist you with anything including teaching, diabetes, weight gain, fitness, thyroid conditions, bodybuilding, weight loss, cancer, heart disease, weight loss surgery, cooking and group wellness. The official company, Diet Power, Inc., was founded back in 1988 to potentially help people manage their nutrition and weight with “science based tools.”

Some of the things that Diet Power 4.4 software does is deliver daily nutrition news, plan meals, favor food you enjoy, analyze recipes, work with any diet plan, count calories, and track the number of calories burned off during exercise, while monitoring 33 vital nutrients. To actually use the Diet Power program, you basically download the software, fill in a personal information form, punch in how much you desire to lose and how fast, and finally, record the food you consume. There are a couple different steps to acquiring the right software for this program. These involve a first key ($29.99), and the download of Diet Power ($29.99). You can also attain the CD version and key for $39.99 via mail. There are three different upgrades available for this diet program too, which sell for $19 each.

Product Features

The Diet Power 4.4 weight loss program is geared toward women and men alike. This is a dieting plan that incorporates eating the right amount of food, exercising accordingly and keeping track of what you consume daily. Apparently this program has helped people with lowering blood pressure, sculpting bodies, reducing cholesterol levels, and losing inches. There are reviews posted for this weight reduction program on the official website. Diet Power 4.4 software comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Furthermore, there is support (sales, technical and forums) provided through the website to assist users.

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  • The Diet Power 4.4 weight loss program can be acquired with convenience online.
  • For individuals concerned with allergies, there are no potentially harmful diet drugs involved with this diet plan.


  • When purchasing the Diet Power 4.4 software, you have to purchase an unlock key along with it.
  • There are no convenient supplements involved with this product to burn fat or suppress hunger.
  • When using the Diet Power plan, you need to keep track of everything you eat each day.
  • There is no scientific evidence provided to support this product.


All in all, the Diet Power 4.4 software is a rather unique and interesting approach to weight loss. Some individuals may enjoy the idea of a program that keeps track of your weight loss progress. However, other dieters may prefer a program that incorporates pills to curb the user’s appetite and aid with calorie burning. For those that prefer a more convenient approach to weight reduction that doesn’t involve entering data on a regular basis, you may want to take a better look at the overall weight loss product market.

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3 User Reviews about Diet Power

  • 1
    Paul Laughlin

    Weight loss is SIMPLE MATH. Burn more calories than you consume, and you will lose weight. If you believe there are “magic pills” that will make weight loss easy, keep looking (and wasting your money). Diet Power is a fairly sophisticated program to help you track calorie input (eating) and output (exercise). Do it accurately and honestly, and you will lose weight. Worked for me.


  • 2
    Bud Hughes

    Diet Power is not a diet plan. I have used it for years, its focus is to get you to understand how the food you eat effects your nutritian level. Each persons metabolism is different and it allows you to determine what is the best way for you to loss weight. Yes labor intensive to input everything everyday, but worth it. You do have to buy a key to unlock, but everytime i moved computers, the gentlemen at Diet Power helped me out and provided the necessary assitance to get into the software. they have made big improvements and continue to keep the price down.


  • 3

    This program crashes constantly