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The Diet Smart Plan by Barry Sanders is a diet plan that relies on the basic idea that you should make small lifestyle changes to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed. By making these small lifestyle changes, you can eventually mark larger ones that will help you lead a healthier life over the long term, giving better health benefits and produce weight loss. We will take a closer look at this plan to determine what it entails to see how it may work to help you shed pounds.

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The Diet Smart Plan by Barry Sanders focuses on encouraging readers to make changes in three main areas. The first area readers are to focus on is how often you eat. Instead of eating three larger meals every day, Sanders says you should instead eat six smaller meals at regular intervals throughout the day to keep yourself from getting hungry and to keep your blood sugar stable. This will also help boost the metabolism. The second “rule” of the diet is to eat whatever you like, provided you can stay within your daily calorie limit. Your daily calorie limit is your weight multiplied by 8. As you begin to lose weight and get closer to your target, you should begin to multiply your weight by 11 to get your daily calorie target. For example, someone who weights 170 pounds at the start should only eat 1380 calories per day. The reason for this method is to keep it simple so people will be more likely to stick with it over the long term. The final rule is to weigh yourself frequently. It suggests to weigh yourself in the morning, as well as in the evening to track how well you are doing.

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  • The Diet Smart Plan by Barry Sanders is simple.
  • The diet plan does not restrict any foods.


  • The Diet Smart Plan by Barry Sanders requires users to count calories.
  • Weighing yourself too often does not reflect fat loss. Your body weight changes as much as two pounds per day, and could produce false results.
  • As long as you stay within your calorie limits, you can still eat foods that are considered unhealthy.


The Diet Smart Plan by Barry Sanders is simple and basic, but may not actually help people. If you can eat whatever you want so long as you stay within your calorie limit, it is possible to eat highly unhealthy foods during the part of the day and go hungry the rest of the day, even if you do eat the six smaller meals. Many people require more structure in their diets. There is no exercise component, and if you exercise, reducing your calories drastically could backfire and make it hard for you to keep your energy. We recommend you follow a nutritionally balanced reduced calorie diet with a regular exercise routine and include a proven weight loss supplement for best results.

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