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A Digital Jump Rope is a new addition to exercise equipment geared to assist users to achieve their goals. There are a number of Digital Jump Rope options on the market today. This is an affordable addition to a home gym. The cost of a Digital Jump Rope is less than $20 and provides a user to take their exercise routine with them where ever they go. A digital Jump Rope will count jumps and calories burned. Many of them also keep track of how long the user works out and reset time between jumps.


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Consumers do not have to have fancy or expensive equipment at home to get an effective workout with out visiting the gym. A digital jump rope is a great addition to any home gym. A digital jump rope can be taken on business trips and even vacations. It is small enough to stow in your suitcase or even keep one in a draw at work to help keep your blood flowing during a long workday. Most digital jump ropes weight less than a pound. A digital jump rope will track your progress during a routine and even send a signal when each of your set goals is achieved. The user will be able to set goals for themselves by programming the digital jump rope to send an alarm when duration goals are achieved. A digital jump rope can also calculate how many calories the user burns during their workout. The cost for a digital jump rope is minimal, around $20 for a good quality digital jump rope. A digital jump rope is not going to significantly affect the user’s weight loss plan. To have a successful weight loss plan the user must also incorporate a healthy low calorie diet and an effective exercise program. Consumers who are looking to lose a large amount of weight should also consider adding a weight loss supplement to their diet plan to increase weight loss.

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  • A Digital Jump Rope can be purchased online through many retailers and can be found in retail stores.
  • A Digital Jump Rope is affordable for even the consumer with the tightest budget.


  • Exercise alone is not enough to promote significant weight loss.
  • A digital Jump Rope may be difficult for some users.
  • A digital Jump Rope does not provide strength training for dieter’s.


While a digital Jump Rope is a great addition to any exercise program, it does not take the place of a healthy diet and a well round exercise program. A digital Jump Rope is very affordable and should be used as a tool to enhance a daily workout program.

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    Did not received a pamflet with instructions with my digital rope – can you e-mail me instructions pls


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    Yea I have a digital jumprope but I do not have any instructions for setting it up ect. Any ideas