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Diminishing Dimensions is a weight management/loss program that’s found online through an official website. At this point the website is under construction, however, it’s still fairly easy to understand what all they offer. Basically this company is geared toward both women and men to potentially help them lose weight and improve their overall health. This involves a lifestyle change. As discussed on the website, the client’s diet is altered, fitness routines are incorporated, and cravings/binges are eliminated. There are testimonials posted with before and after photos.

Unlike many websites, Diminishing Dimensions has several links that lead to contact information. These involve topics like Individual Counseling, Exercise Guidance, On-Site Group Weight Loss Programs, Kids Can Do It, Personal Training, Therapeutic Nutrition Programs, Eating for a Healthy Menopause, and Lecture Services/Educational Programs. There is also a convenient 1-800 number offered on the website. The official website claims that Diminishing Dimensions will assist clients with boosting their metabolisms, and shutting down their “fat-storing enzymes,” which is supposed to lead to a thinner and healthier figure. Furthermore, by shedding excess body weight, the client might benefit from lower cholesterol levels, a stronger immune system, heightened energy levels and lower blood pressure.

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Diminishing Dimensions is basically a type of weight loss and health management program that requires appointments with professionals. The goal is not merely to assist clients with healthy weight loss, but to additionally help with issues like Sports Nutrition, Cancer Prevention, Adolescent Weight Control, Therapeutic Counseling, Diabetes Control, Health Improvement, Weight Gain, and Heart disease Prevention. A convenient contact form is provided on the website for anyone to set up an appointment or make inquiries. There is also a “find us” link presented on the website, which allows you to pinpoint the Diminishing Dimensions location nearest to you.

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  • There are testimonials with before and after photos offered on the website for review.
  • Virtually anyone, regardless of your age or sex, can utilize the Diminishing Dimensions program.
  • Regular exercise is encouraged with this fat loss program.


  • The cost of Diminishing Dimensions is not mentioned on the official website.
  • There are no simple dietary supplements involved with this weight loss program, which some individuals may not care for.
  • Diminishing Dimensions calls for a rather drastic lifestyle change, which may be a tad too much for some dieters.
  • If a Diminishing Dimensions center or professional is not located near you, it will naturally be difficult to utilize this program for weight management.


For some dieters, Diminishing Dimensions may be the right choice. After all, if you desire a change in your daily habits concerning diet and exercise, then this program may have something to offer. For those that do not want to completely alter their eating habits and exercise regimen, Diminishing Dimensions may not be the ideal choice. Finally, you’ll need to make certain a facility/professional is even located in your neck of the woods prior to trying the Diminishing Dimensions program.

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    I used Diminishinng Dimensions many years ago(approx. 15?) and it worked for me. No drugs, just the right foods. You can have most anything you want. Meals consist of having protein (meats, fish, cheese but limited amounts, ie, 4 oz.) veggies mostly green as much as you want. It consist of 3 meals a day with healthy snacks in between. The diet is very healthy and exercise can mean a daily walk. It is basically a low fat, low carbohydrate diet. I met with a counselor once a week to go over what I ate and what I should have eaten. Yes, it costs, but I lost an average of a healthy 2 lbs. a week without being hungry or putting foreign drugs into my system. You eat normal fresh foods. Highly recommended.