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Divanil is an extract of the nettle plant. Another name for the extract is 3, 4-divanillyltetrahydrofuran or DVTHF. The extract is supposed to help move testosterone more quickly and efficiently throughout the body. DVTHF is supposed to bind with SHGB or sex hormone binding globulin. If SHGB is bound, more free testosterone will be available in the blood and the effect of testosterone will supposedly increase. This is a claim that many supplement manufacturers make, but there is rarely any clinical or medical support to back up the claim.

We did not find an official website for Divanil, but we did find a number of websites explaining how the extract works. Stinging nettle is found in libido-boosting supplements in addition to testosterone boosting supplements.

List of Ingredients


  • 3, 4-divanillyltetrahydrofuran

Product Features

There is a huge push in the bodybuilding community to increase testosterone and build bigger, stronger muscles. More testosterone can also help influence recovery between workouts. If the bodybuilder can workout more often because muscles are healing faster and that means more muscle mass. There is mention that more protein works in the favor of muscle growth when bodybuilders take Divanil because more testosterone could mean more protein.

While increasing lean muscle mass could mean burning more calories and losing fat, this supplement is not designed as a weight loss product. Weight loss is about more than building muscle – it involves reducing caloric intake and exercising on a regular basis. Dieters don’t need a prohormone or more free testosterone to lose weight.

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  • Information on Divanil can easily be found online.
  • May increase free testosterone.
  • May decrease the time it takes to build new muscle.
  • May help the bodybuilder achieve larger muscle mass and strength.


  • No clinical evidence stinging nettle works as claimed.
  • No official website is available for Divanil.
  • This supplement does not appear to truly be a prohormone at all.
  • No testimonials or before and after pictures.
  • This supplement will not increase weight loss or suppress appetite.


Divanil is listed as a prohormone, but we could not find any evidence that the extract of nettle works as such. Most prohormones are synthesized in a laboratory, not extracted from a plant and all the best prohormones are illegal thanks to a ban on prohormones passed by President George Bush.

Dieters should not take a product like Divanil without evidence the supplement will work for the desired end result. If this supplement does increase free testosterone, it is not ideal for use by women who need estrogen to be dominant for a regular menstrual cycle.

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