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Don quai is commonly used in homeopathic treatments for menopausal symptoms. In certain cultures, a concoction including don quai is used to stop premature ejaculation. While these treatments may be effective for the person involved, they have nothing to do with weight loss. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recognizes the fact that don quai is thought to help conditions such as infertility, high blood pressure, anemia and constipation, but there is no proof don quai works for any of these conditions.

List of Ingredients

Don quai root.

Product Features

Don quai is a simply root that have been used in natural medicine for thousands of years. Many women taken don quai every year for menopausal symptoms, but the NIH lists don quai as being an ineffective treatment for menopause. Don quai supporters also claim to aid in the treatment of PMS, hypertension, ulcers, allergies and constipation but none of these claims are proven.

The main reasons don quai may be included in weight loss supplements is its ability to thin the blood and remove fluid from the body. If blood is thinner, ingredients in the weight loss supplement will flow faster through the body and the body will react more quickly. Unfortunately, this blood thinning ability can also cause harm in the case of an emergency or when dieters are taking a coagulant (to help blood clot) or a blood thinner (to prevent blood clotting).

Water retention can cause weight gain for some dieters. Don quai does have diuretic qualities, as is the case for many natural weight loss ingredients. It is not the strongest diuretic, but it will remove some fluid, none-the-less. This could be another reason why it is included in weight loss supplements.

On a popular bodybuilding website, don quai is listed as containing Vitamin E and Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is responsible, in some part, for the metabolization of energy. This could help a dieter burn more calories in theory, but Vitamin B12 is abundant in foods and daily multivitamins.

Don quai is sold on the Internet for hugely varying prices. Dieters can expect to pay from $1.66 to more than $30 a bottle.

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  • May push out some excess water.


  • Don quai causes the blood to thin.
  • The natural root may not be safe for patients taking coagulating medications.
  • Patients on blood thinners should not use don quai.
  • Don quai may cause slower blood clotting.
  • There is no link between don quai and weight loss.


We could find no evidence that don quai has ever been proven to increase weight loss. The slight diuretic properties could account for a little weight loss, but the weight would return soon after the don quai is not longer being taken.

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