Dr. Alex Guerrero’s Supreme Greens Review

Editor's Review: 3.4 / 5.0

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Dr. Alex Guerrero’s Supreme Greens were developed after Dr. Guerrero lost his father in law to cancer and witnessed the effects it had on his body. This turned him to a career in medicine and he obtained a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. He treats individuals with just about any ailment and also athletes. It was in his treatment of athletes that he began to search for a supplement to increase performance and also overall health. He was unhappy with most products on the market and began to develop formulas on his own using his knowledge of herbology. Dr. Guerrero says, “All disease is in the blood and over acidification of the blood and tissues is the primary contributor to disease and sickness.” Today, the vegetables we consume come from soil that is no longer rich with the minerals our bodies need. Supreme Greens can help replace these lost minerals and nutrients.


Alfalfa (leaf) Agrimonia Eupatoria, Aloe (leaf) Aloe Barbadensis, Beet (root) Beta Vulgaris, Bilberry (leaf) Vaccinium myrtillus, Broccoli (stalk) Brassica aleracea italic, Cabbage (leaf) Brassica aleracea, Carrot (stalk) Daucus carota, Celery (seed) Apium graveolens, Cornsilk (silk) Zea mays, Dandelion (leaf) Tarazacum officinale, Echinacea (herb) Echinacea purpurea, Ginger (Root) Zingiber Officinale, Garlic (bulb) Allium sativum, Goldenseal (hearb) Hydrastis Canadensis, Grapefruit (pectin) Citrus paradise, Kale (leaf) Brassica species, MSM, Okra (pulp) Abelmoschus esculentus, Parsley (leaf) Petroselinum sativum, Pau d’ Arko (bark) Tabebuia heptaphylla, Peppermint (leaf) Mentha piperita, Rasberry (berry) Rubus, idaeus, Rosemary (leaf) Rosmarinus officinalis, Sage (leaf) Salvia officinalis, Shavegrass (herb), Equisetum hyemal, Slippery Elm (bark) Almus rubra, Spearmint (leaf) Mentha spicaa, Spinach (leaf) Spinacea alaracea, Strawberry (leaf) Fragaria vesca, Watercress (herb) Nasturtium officinale, Wheatgrass (herb) Triticum vulgare, White Willow (bark) Salix alba, Wintergreen (leaf) Gaultheria, procumbens.

Product Features

Dr. Guerrero’s Supreme Greens can do the following for the body: Alkalize the body and make it healthier and better prepared to fight diseases, Balance pH in the body and improve vitality and energy thus improving health. You can also lose weight with Supreme Greens due to its organic composition and vegetable nutrients which may reduce the amount of food you eat. The alkalization that occurs can also help with weight loss as it breaks down fat in the body.

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  • Dr. Guerrero’s Supreme Greens are organic and safe for any individual.
  • Taking Supreme Greens can give your body much needed minerals and nutrients.


  • At about $50 a bottle Supreme Greens is costly.
  • There is no money back offer or any type of guarantee offered by Dr. Guerrero for his product.


Dr. Guerrero’s Supreme Greens appears to be a healthy supplement and can give you the amount of nutrients your body needs for overall health. An added bonus is that by taking this supplement you can also possibly lose weight. While this is a possibility it is not a guarantee and weight loss may not occur for everyone. You may wish to research other products on weight loss before making a decision to purchase Supreme Greens.

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5 User Reviews about Dr. Alex Guerrero’s Supreme Greens

  • 1
    Veronica Hihhins

    I use the product for 3 year, and the results were greaaaat. I need to find the product, if anybody know where can i purchase please let me know. I don’t care what people negative coments place anywhere, i used and i never find nothing equal


  • 2
    Matt H

    FYI, Alex is not a real doctor. Ask him where he practiced medicine and where he earned the title of Doctor, that’s if you can find him.



    lie… my mother met him personally! he saved her life with the supreme greens.


  • 3
    Ellen Cornett

    I purchased a lifetime membership with Dr. Guerroeroo’ Supreme Green’s and I do not know who to contact to continuing ordering to receive the Supreme Green’s that I absolutely agree with him that Supreme Green’s do exactly what Dr. Guerro says they do. Thank you, I have been looking for a site to contact him. Ellen Cornett


  • 4
    Angie Austin

    Have Supreme Greens and Balanced Greens Plus with MSM been taken off the market? I cant find them anymore. Where can I buy them? The old site says discontinued. Help! We NEED them! thnx – Angie WV