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Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D. is a medical doctor who developed cancer. As a result of her own struggles with the disease, she decided to take charge of the situation and made a complete diet transformation that she claims was able to rid her body of the advanced cancer. Dr. Lorraine Day now practices alternative medicine and markets a series of books, videos, and audio recordings containing her knowledge and experience to help others. Known as the Ten Step Program, only one step of the program is the actual diet change. We will take a closer look at the diet aspect of the program, to see if it has any weight loss or nutritional merit, but we cannot vouch for the cancer curing ability of the diet, and how using the rest of the program will change the outcome.

Dr. Day makes it known that medical doctors treat based on what they are taught, and they are taught about disease rather than nutrition and natural alternatives. She is considered controversial because she points out a viscous cycle between teaching doctors about disease and medication, the pharmecuetical companies making the medications, and the overall benefits of keeping people sick. Drug companies make money by selling their drugs to the sick people who “need” them, and the doctors are the link.

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Dr. Lorraine Day’s Ten Step Plan is to rebuild the immune system with a complete change in diet. Her theory is all cancers are caused by immune system weaknesses, and should not be treated using chemo or radiation because they destroy the body, rather than heal it. She added a complete treatment program to ensure people are taking care of their mind as well as their body. The following is a list of the ten steps:

  • Nutrition: What to eat to heal the body and boost immunity.
  • Exercise:
  • Sunlight:
  • Water
  • Abstinence: What cancer patients should stay away from.
  • Fresh Air
  • Sleep
  • Trust in God
  • An Attitude of Gratitude
  • Benevolence

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  • It is an all natural approach to healing the body and will work for some degree of weight loss.


  • There are several different products–all of which are priced at at least $19.95. Some products cannot be used alone, which forces more money out of the wallet.
  • Her claims are not backed by research, and we have no proof of others eradicating their cancers in this manner.
  • A product must be purchased to learn the real basics of the program. Though we found the steps of the plan through third party reviews, this is a major drawback.


While the entire program makes sense, we cannot recommend it as a valid way to cure cancer. Following a raw diet will likely produce initial weight loss for most people, but may not be a viable long term solution. It may also cause some nutritional deficiencies. Many people speak against Dr. Day’s program, but this falls in line with her theory, so it is difficult to rule on.

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    Ms.Lorraine i have a friend that has breast cancer 4th stage and only 1 kidney shes had 3 chemo treatments and 3 radiation shes not feeling comfortable with her chemo she does not seem to be getting any better her nausia,vomiting have progressed through out every treatment we are concerned and would like to know if its ok to stop both treatments even though shes had 3 she is actively involved in oxygen treatments in tank thank you we would love to hear from you soon !