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Dr. Martin Milner, ND is a Naturopathic Physician President and Medical Director for the Center of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. He is globally known for his natural treatments used to care for heart disease, menopause, hypothyroidism. He also works with neurotransmitter deficiency diseases such as fatigue, depression, insomnia, and anxiety. As much as 20% of his patients are from an international audience. With over 20 years of experience as a Naturopathic Physician, he has been published in many highly regarded medical journals and publications. Many companies that produce diet and weight loss and other natural supplements turn to him for his knowledge and expertise.

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Product Features

Dr. Milner, as well as all the other practitioners at the Center for Natural Medicine, sell products through an online store. They offer several solutions for a variety of ailments and areas of concern, including: anti-aging, women’s health, cardiovascular health, immune system support, and more. In the weight management area of the store, there are several products available, including detoxifiers, energy boosters, fat burners/muscle builders, and stomach support for easier digestion. The website features information on each of the products including the: manufacturer, quantity, and purpose/benefit. Some products provide ingredient listings and dosage instructions. We don’t know if he is endorsing these products or if other practitioners in his facility are. His product, The Menopause Revolution is also available through the store.

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  • Dr. Martin Milner, ND is an established expert in his field.


  • Dr. Martin Milner, ND’s products do not directly deal with weight loss or dieting.
  • The products offered in his store come from a variety of places and would need to be studied individually for effectiveness.
  • There is no information about why these products are in the store. Are these products they trust or are these products they’re getting paid to promote and sell?


Alternative medicine is an increasingly popular area as many people are scared by the lawsuits, recalls, and side effects they see associated with pharmaceutical options. As diet and weight loss products are occasionally affected by recalls and lawsuits, more people want a product that is natural and won’t cause problems for them. While natural supplements may cause issues with allergic reactions for some, they generally are side effect free, which is a major plus. A downside is though, they are generally not as effective in providing weight loss results.

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    Jayne Quigley

    How do I get to the on line pharmacy? I have not been able to find it.
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