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Dr. Walter Smith is an expert in treating obesity and weight loss. In 1986, after numerous patient requests, Dr. Smith began developing the program that evolved into the Get Thin Program. The program continued to expand and eventually became available in several southern communities.

Dr. Smith’s Get Thin Program is designed around other diet products that have been evaluated and deemed reliable and helpful by Dr Smith. The program is entirely computerized now to ensure consistent and reliable results when patients are seen at the facilities.

List Of Ingredients

Numerous products and prescription medications are endorsed by Dr. Walter Smith’s Get Thin Program. Each product contains different ingredients.

Product Features

Patient’s schedule an appointment at the clinic for their initial evaluation. During this evaluation several tests will be preformed including labs to ascertain heart risk, triglyceride and cholesterol levels, thyroid function, iron, and glucose levels. After watching an educational video patients receive the program book and materials. In a private exam room a medical history is taken as well as baseline vital statistics such as blood pressure, height, weight, and pulse. A physician will them perform an exam and go over options. Before leaving a patient may fill any prescriptions or purchase recommended products at the adjoining pharmacy.

  • Prescription appetite suppressants.
  • Vitamins
  • Doctor Supervised.

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  • This diet plan provides individual physician counseling.
  • Weight loss can be rapid.< li>


  • The plan does not teach participants to eat more healthfully, instead it relies on pharmaceutical aid to suppress the appetite of dieters.
  • Appetite suppressants are not a long term solution.
  • Some health conditions are not conducive to this plan.
  • Moderately expensive and expenses are ongoing.
  • Not usually covered by insurance.
  • Appetite suppressants can have serious side effects< li>


Dr. Smith’s Get Thin Program has several things going for it. A full medical workup and doctor supervision are both good for people who have a great deal of weight to lose, especially if appetite suppressants are going to be used. However, there is a risk when using an appetite suppressant of developing serious side effects, and some patients are not able to use them at all due to pre-existing medical conditions. Further, the program does not offer a sustainable method for maintaining weight loss as it does not teach participants about good nutrition. Thus, once the program is completed it is quite likely that dieters will regain the weight unless they continue using the suppressants. Because of the ongoing expense, possible side effects, and lack of post diet maintenance this diet plan is not recommended.

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    dr. smith program does teach you how to eat right he has an entire book devoted to it, he basically want you to eat right and the other medicines you choose to take will assist with the weight lose and just show result sooner, matter of fact in all his books he says if you do not eat right after stopping the program chances are the weight will come back