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Dr. Vitkin Clinic is a weight loss clinic available to overweight patients who want to lose weight on a guided basis. Dieters enrolled in his clinic are prescribed a low carb diet and therapy that is said to change eating habits, along with appetite suppressants and other medication. His clinics are based in various cities in Alabama and Georgia, and currently this is the only way to gain access to his dieting program. Enrollment in his weight loss clinic will be expensive, however, and it is not specifically stated how much this will amount to. Weekly visits and restrictive diets are an essential part of Dr. Vitkin’s Clinic, which is something dieters should keep in mind.

For some dieters, a restrictive, guided approach to weight loss may help them stay on track and lose weight, and with Dr. Vitkin’s 20 years of success in the dieting industry, it is pretty evident he is having success in reducing the weight of overweight patients. Pampered with positive testimonials from former clients and experts, Dr. Vitkin is definitely promoted as a trustworthy doctor with a successful track record, but this diet, and his clinic, may not be for everyone.


Dieters who enroll in Dr. Vitkin’s clinic will be placed on a restrictive low carb diet, diet supplementation, and may go under behavioral therapy.

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Dr. Vitkin’s clinic offers dieters a guided but restricted approach to weight loss, which involves undergoing behavioral therapy focused on changing eating habits, a prescription to some appetite suppressants, and a strict low carb diet plan. Low carb diets are proven to cause a couple of effects, including decreased appetite and initial weight loss, due to how the diet brings a dieter into the ketosis effect, a condition where extra energy stores are used up and causes the dieter to enter a ‘starvation’ mode, a condition believed to burn more calories. The long term effects of this diet are shown not to promote the same effects, however, and may promote issues for those with certain heart conditions.

The effects of behavioral therapy on dieting is a relatively new and untested practice, but studies have shown that it may help those with underlying issues, such as an eating disorder or eating disordered behavior. This seems to be the only verified cases where it may have an impact, however.

The strict diet and the focus on modifying eating behaviors may be too intense for some dieters, and those seeking a relaxed dieting program probably will not find this a suitable choice. It may help those who want to modify their eating behaviors, however.

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  • Offers an intensive approach to weight loss, including a structured weight loss plan and therapy.
  • Dr. Vitkin has over 20 years of experience in the weight loss field, and is considered a trusted expert by patients and experts.


  • The diet is very restrictive and does not allow many substitutions.
  • The behavioral therapy may not be suited for everybody.
  • Those who want freedom in their diet may find Dr. Vitkin Clinic too structured for their tastes.


Dr. Vitkin Clinic offers an intensive, unique approach to weight loss for dieters who need help achieving their weight loss goals, and for some dieters this may be perfect for their lifestyle. Other factors may prevent dieters from participating or wanting to engage in this diet program however, and other alternatives may suit their needs.

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16 User Reviews about Dr Vitkin Clinic

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    Angelia Teague

    I went to Dr Vitkens weight clinic in Augusta Ga several. First two xs I was prescribed phentermene and lost well, other xs was prescrined phentrazene did not lose as well. What does he prescribe now and what ids the cost?


  • 3
    Dorsey Adair

    How long does it take to get an answer to a question?


  • 4
    Dorsey Adair

    I went to his clinic in Florence, Ala. Since you moved your offices it is too for me to go. Can I buy the medication without going all of the way to the clinic. It really works for me.


  • 5




    Hi Bre How long did it take you to lose the 58lbs


  • 6
    Suzanne Fouche

    Ive had hart eblstion in the past and I wonder if this is a safe program for me? My no. is 706-831-1648. I dont use email.


  • 7
    Denise Newton

    what is the cost & are there weekly weigh ins?



    I am starting this program at the end of July. and per is office staff the program is $90 per month and this includes the supplements.



    how did this turn out for you?


    Dorsey Adair

    What is the name of the medicine Dr. Vitkins prescribes. I went to the one in Florence until they closed it.But I forgot the name of the medicine. Thank you

  • 8
    Rebecca Watts`

    I take coumadin and wonder of the medication on this diet will affect my coumadin treatment. Thank you



    Rebecca I was on this diet also about 10 years ago, I’ve lost my book of meals and was wondering if you might have a copy you could send me ,it definetly works’ and the doctor told me you don’t really need the supplements


  • 9

    I was on his program about 10 years ago, and it worked. I have been unable to afford the program, or I would be back in his clinic now.


  • 10

    What is the name of the appetitie suppressants you use in your clinic?


  • 11
    sherry whitehead

    does this affect your blood pressure?