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Dr. Walker’s Weight Loss is a modified low carb diet founded by John Walker, a gastroenterologist with 11 years of experience in the medical field and recognized by several organizations as one of the top doctors in the country. Dr. Walker originally began formulating his own diet after news spread of the Atkins Diet, and he sought to offer naturally derived alternatives to the diet. His diet is a typical low carb diet with emphasis on natural, nutrient rich food and low carb shakes and bars personally created by him. The diet and his products can be purchased on his website.

Dr. Walker’s Weight Loss claims to take a natural, safer approach to low carb dieting that poses no risk to cardiovascular or intestinal health, problems that plague the Atkins Diet. Complete with a diet supplemented with diet shakes, bars, and meal plans, Dr. Walker claims dieters can expect to lose 2 to 3 lbs per week, depending on physical activity and weight. The diet does not cost any money. The entire diet is listed in detail on his website but his shakes and bars range from $10.99 to $20.99 per box. His shakes are not required to complete the diet, but Dr. Walker heavily recommends them to help dieters maintain their weight loss goals. Statistically, Dr. Walker may provide more natural alternatives than the Atkins Diet, but it may not be safer.


Dr. Walker emphasizes consumption of eggs, cheese, his low carb bars and shakes, and lean meat. Vegetables are also included.

Product Features

Dr. Walker’s diet differs slightly from the Atkins Diet because it includes vegetables and his fortified shakes and bars. He heavily recommends dieters eat low fat or lean version of these foods as well, which he says cuts down on cardiovascular disease risk. This is not far from the truth. Low fat products contain less saturated and monounsaturated fat, which increase bad cholesterol levels.

Despite how much he promotes healthy, low carb and organic eating, his own shakes and bars contain numerous synthetic ingredients and additives. It also contains some soy, and may cause issues for those sensitive or allergic to soy. He offers no soy free alternatives, so it may not suit everyone. Dr. Walker’s low carb plan tends to include less high fat foods, however, which may suit those who also want to lower their cardiovascular risk.

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  • Appears to be a low fat version of the Atkins Diet.
  • The diet is free and replacement meals cost between $10.99 to $20.99.


  • His meal replacement shakes and bars contain numerous synthetic ingredients and additives.
  • His aim to only include low fat food also eliminates numerous low carb food choices.
  • May not be a safe solution for those who have issues with soy.


Dr. Walker’s Weight Loss offers a free and easy to follow low carb diet for consumers who want a different alternative to Atkins. This low fat version of the popular diet may entice dieters who do not want to increase their cardiovascular disease risk, and it may lower that risk. His shakes and bars may not be suitable for Dr. Walker’s own diet, however, due to the inclusion of additives and soy ingredients.

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    can you eat two shakes a day for more than two straight days