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Dr. Wheeler is a registered dietician with more than 27 years of experience in the field. He has served as chief nutritionist for the White House, Olympic teams, and several professional sports teams. Dr. Wheeler’s Gold Standard Protein shakes claim to help people lose weight by cutting calories from their daily diet. The calories are not missed because the nutritious shakes are filling enough to substitute for up to two meals daily.

Meal replacement shakes are not a new concept in the world of dieting; in fact, many shelves of the local supermarket are filled with them. However, we will take a closer look at Dr. Wheeler’s Gold Standard Protein shakes to see if this product offers an advantage over similar formulas. We found that the mixes are available through the product website and a number of online retailers. The mixes are fairly pricey – selling for nearly $120 for a three month supply at the time of this review. And that is the stated introductory price leading us to believe that subsequent purchases may cost even more.

List of Ingredients

We were disappointed to find that the product website did not appear to offer a complete list of ingredients. We believe that this information is essential in helping consumers make an educated decision about weight loss products. However, we were able to find the product label on the website of one of the online retailers offering this product. It appears that this formula is filled with vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber; enough to make up for a full meal with each serving. The formula is also very low in sugar, making this a good choice for diabetic dieters.

Product Features

The product website claims that Dr. Wheeler’s Gold Standard Protein uses the highest standard of protein available which apparently explains the high price tag of the product. The website also refers to scientific testing that is done to ensure quality. However, there is no clinical research cited to back up the claims that this is the highest quality of protein on the market, nor that meal replacement shakes like these are effective in helping people lose weight. We always urge consumers to look for clinical proof that products are effective before sinking money into them.

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  • The powder is filled with enough nutrients, protein, and fiber to serve as a meal replacement.
  • The product is available for purchase through the company website.


  • A complete ingredient list is not included on the company website.
  • The shakes are very expensive.
  • We could not find any information about a refund policy.


Meal replacement shakes are not a new concept in the diet industry but Dr. Wheeler appears to be trying to take the quality of these diet tools to a whole new level. While Dr. Wheeler has ample knowledge and experience to back up his protein product we prefer a diet supplementation that contains an appetite suppressant and a fat burner for the best weight loss results.

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    Your NameKaren

    Tell I found this product to be wonderful!! I lost 20 lbs relatively easily. Then when I went to order again it was not available, Hopefully I can order more this time.


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    Valerie Miller

    What is the cost?


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