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What You Should Know

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Drug Digest promotes itself as a health and information site. They state that the information about drugs and health posted on their website is evidence-based and its purpose is to educate consumers to make informed decisions.

The site has many interactive tools available to enhance user’s understandings of their medications and supplements, possible side effects and drug interactions. Drug Digest also has some quizzes users can take that will indicate symptoms that should be discussed with a healthcare practitioner. The information in the quizzes is backed up by several sources including The National Institute of Health.


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Product Features

The Drug Digest website has many interactive tools. One of the most prominent is the, “Check Interactions” tool. This tool allows a consumer to choose several drugs and see the possible reactions from combining them. Another tool they offer is the, “Check for Savings” tool that helps consumers find out how much they could save by switching to a generic drug. To find out what side effects could be suffered from multiple drugs for the same ailment, users can check out the, “Side Effect Comparisons” tool.

The Drug Digest’s “Drug Library” features information on prescription medications, vitamins, supplements and herbs. The library pages feature detailed information about each drug, including side effects, cautions and dosage information.

Drug Digest isn’t going to appeal to everyone. It relies heavily on a search feature so you have to know what you are looking for when you visit the site. If you type in “obesity” you will get a giant list of ingredients and products to look through but a lot of them won’t be obesity related at all.

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  • Drug Digest has information on most prescription and OTC drugs.
  • Side effects for most drugs are listed on this site.


  • The site isn’t user friendly.
  • You can browse alphabetically but the list is huge.
  • Some pages on the website load extremely slow.
  • You can’t buy any products from the official website.


If you are seeking information on a specific prescription drug or over the counter medication, Drug Digest will provide you with a lot of information. Most of this information should already be included with whatever product you buy anyway though. This site is a good alternative to reading the tiny writing that accompanies prescriptions though.

If you are looking for diet information you probably won’t find much help on this site unless it’s to check interactions and side effects for certain products. If you are looking for a good weight loss product, we highly recommend using a supplement that contains powerful thermogenic ingredients.

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