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The Duke Diet is a weight-loss plan created and promoted by the Duke Diet and Fitness Center in Durham, North Carolina. The Duke Diet and Fitness Center has been operating since 1969, and focuses on individuals with excess weight and sedentary lifestyles. Unlike other weight loss programs that focus only on diet changes, the Duke Diet emphasizes lifestyle changes in diet, exercise, behavior and managing medical conditions. Online memberships to the Duke Diet are available for $5 per week at the official website.

The Duke Diet employs nutritionists, fitness experts and behavioral psychologists to help individuals in a variety of ways. There are many customer testimonials of people who have lost 100 lbs or more using the Duke Diet. According to the website, 55% of all of the people who have completed the diet maintained their weight loss after two years.

Product Features

The Duke Diet is a weight loss program that is available online through the website for $5 per week. The Duke Diet membership involves charging customers $65 for every 13 weeks of membership through automatic billing of a customer’s credit card. Memberships may be terminated at any time and refunds will be given for any portion of time unused. The first 5 weeks of membership ($25) is nonrefundable. Memberships include personalized meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, nutrition guides, behavioral health assessments, custom fitness plans, weight tracker, food log, calorie calculator and a BMI calculator.

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  • Duke Diet memberships can be purchased online from its website or in person at the Duke Diet and Fitness Center in North Carolina.
  • Duke Diet memberships can be cancelled at any time and refunds are given for unused time.
  • The Duke Diet provides customer testimonials on its website.
  • Unlike some other weight loss programs that only encourage short-term weight loss, the Duke Diet combines diet changes with fitness and behavioral modifications to help sustain weight loss for long-term periods.


  • The first 5 weeks of membership in the Duke Diet is nonrefundable.
  • Many of the features of the membership in the Duke Diet are available online for free from the USDA website My Pyramid Tracker.


The Duke Diet is weight loss plan that sells online memberships aimed at people with excess weight and sedentary lifestyles. While other diets focus only on eating, the Duke Diet involves all aspects of a person’s lifestyle, including behavior and fitness. All in all, The Duke Diet seems to be a well-rounded diet plan that promotes weight loss and a sustainable healthy lifestyle. A medical doctor should be consulted before beginning any diet.

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6 User Reviews about Duke Diet

  • 1

    Duke is a rip off, just like their basketball team lots of hype by the media.


  • 2
    Cindy Dodge

    Go to the book store and buy the book. They do offer a reduced carb program that is good for diebetics (that is what I signed up for). If you chose to join the on line program, keep in mind that it is very hard to cancel. I haven’t figured out how yet.


  • 3
    Cindy Dodge

    I am not happy with the Duke on line diet and wanted to cancel it after the 1st weeks trial. There is no where on their site to cancel the program. Now I am stuck paying for the 1st 4 months. There is no number to call either. I called the Duke Diet Center in Durham, NC and got voice mail and no one has called me back. I just want to know how to cancel this program. Help



    Stop payment on your credit card.


  • 4

    hi im on medication,is this fine to take with medication or not advisable thankyou linda


  • 5
    Julie Levin

    Is this diet a good choice for type 2 diabetics? Is it a long time solution. I need to lose 180 pounds. In reference to the on line diet, how many calories is it per day? Are the recipes designed for more than one serving so I will need to break it down to accommidate just one person. I am looking for a plan that I can follow long term and I want to make sure this is customized for my situation. Thank you, Julie