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Easy Shaper, a reportedly revolutionary new idea in the art of chasing after a trimmer figure, is a piece of workout equipment that has been designed specifically for women. The Easy Shaper is said to work out the seven areas of the body that women have the most problem with – the arms, buns, thighs, abs, love handles, back, and hips. The theory behind this equipment is that by using two forms of resistance, the user’s body weight and two resistance toning bands that weigh 20lbs each you end up with a workout that is very fluid and easy for women of all ages and weights.

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This product is likely to replace some fatty areas with leaner, more muscular areas. Obviously a certain amount of time and effort must be dedicated to this workout at regular intervals during the week in order for it to work. There are some pretty good customer testimonials which leads us to believe that this is a weight loss method that works fairly well if you keep up with it.

The Easy Shaper comes with a nutrition booklet that is full of low-fat recipes as well as hints and tips for the dieter. Exercise and nutrition have long been known to be one of the most efficient ways to lose weight. The Easy Shaper is also slightly cheaper than some similar products on the market.

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  • The Easy Shaper was specifically designed to target women’s problem areas.
  • The Easy Shaper website offers you a ton of free stuff with your $150 purchase.


  • The shipping costs $40 which raises the overall amount you will spend to almost $200.
  • The Easy Shaper is a fairly large piece of equipment.


The Easy Shaper will probably help tone your muscles and help you burn fat if you use it regularly. The problem with exercise machines is that many people are very excited when they first get them, use them for a while, and then put them in the garage or in a closet. This product will work but you have to maintain a dedicated schedule or you are throwing your money away.

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    guy ouellet

    C`est le 2 ieme easy shaper que nous achetons et les cordons de cahoutcho ne dure pas un an.Il seche et casse.


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    I have the easy shaper but not the video or eating plan. Is there any way to order just the video without ordering the Easy Shaper again?