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Easy Shaper Ultimate is a workout system featured heavily on TV and infomercials as a complete sculpting system for women, claiming to offer one complete exercise machine that works the hips, buttocks, and thighs while firming difficult areas such as the abs and upper arms. Toning bands acts as resistance along with your own weight, and assembly is said to be foolproof, with assembly completed in just minutes. Two workout videos, an exercise guide, and a 5 year warranty are also included as part of the Easy Shaper Ultimate Package.

Convenience and targeted exercises are two issues women have with typical exercise machines, and Easy Shaper Ultimate claims to do all the work for them. Simply sit on the device and perform the exercises to immediately shape and tone the body. Devices that promise such results are often criticized for not being completely truthful; however, and it is doubtful that Easy Shaper Ultimate may deliver the types of results promised on their website.

Those interested in purchasing Easy Shaper Ultimate may find it on their official website, where it currently retails for $214.75, including the Easy Shaper Ultimate Machine, resistance bands, two workout DVDs, a Fitness and Nutrition CD, an Exercise Flip Chart, and a 5 year warranty on all devices. Free shipping is also included.


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Product Features

Easy Shaper Ultimate claims to target and tone certain body parts through a system called Target Smart Technology, which uses dual resistance bands to help target specific areas for a challenging but easy workout. No other information is provided about the technology. Easy Shaper Ultimate does emphasize women do not need to use weights with their device. Simply use the bands provided with the device to help them get into shape. There is some evidence using resistance bands may be a suitable alternative for weight lifting, although it may not provide the same results as weight training. Combined with their device, it may be difficult to figure out; this is a compliant some women have about Easy Shaper Ultimate.

Easy Shaper Ultimate claims that this is the only workout needed to completely tone the body but this may not be true. Numerous studies show that weight training, when combined with cardio or aerobic exercises, are the most effective way to reduce fat and tone the entire body. Despite claims made by Easy Shaper, there does not appear to any exercises recognized as effective ways to spot reduce.

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  • Is marketed towards women.
  • Includes various exercise and nutritional CDs.


  • Studies show that cardio exercise and weight loss are the best way to tone the body. Using one exercise machine alone does not incorporate these elements.
  • Is extremely expensive.
  • Few studies show that resistance bands provide more results than weight lifting alone.


Easy Shaper Ultimate is packed with extras to help dieters on their weight loss journey, but their device lacks evidence as to why it is more effective than traditional exercises. The cost may be too much for some dieters, also, and there may be other alternatives that offer similar benefits.

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    janet kliemann

    I bought an easy shaper at a yard sale and do not know how do set up, can u please help me