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Eat to Beat High Blood Pressure is a diet book written by Dr. Sarah Brewer, a nutritionist considered to be one of the most respected columnists in the United Kingdom. Her book is only one of several diet books geared at reducing symptoms of heart-related conditions, but Eat to Beat High Blood Pressure is currently one of her most popular books. Eat to Beat High Blood Pressure is centered around reducing the symptoms of high blood pressure through a diet containing food that is claimed to lower blood pressure naturally, reducing the need for medicine or additional treatment. Sixty recipes are also included, along with additional tips on how to lower high blood pressure.

Alternative treatments for high blood pressure are becoming increasingly common, and diet is often recommended by doctors as an alternative to prescription medicine. The author of Eat to Beat High Blood Pressure assures dieters this is a completely safe and legitimize way to reduce high blood pressure, and it even may be safer than turning to medication. Eat to Beat High Blood Pressure is currently sold in retail stores for $15.95 each, paired with a 100% money back guarantee for additional customer support.


Low sodium, fat-free foods are prescribed as blood pressure reducers in her book.

Product Features

Eat to Beat High Blood Pressure focuses on wholesome, healthful eating as a means of reducing high blood pressure, and she backs up her claims with evidence supporting by major health organizations. Her diet encompasses a variety of foods that are low in fat and sodium, two factors that decrease blood pressure symptoms, according to Brewer. Brewer recommends simply eating foods listed in her book and getting in the recommended amount of exercise per day to decrease symptoms. Testimonials posted on various sites seem to support her theory — many have reported losing weight in addition to reducing their blood pressure, which is evidently another effect of her diet. The natural low-fat foods may also help dieters lose weight, although that was not Brewer’s intention when she created the book.

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  • Written by one of the United Kingdom’s leading health experts.
  • Uses organic, low-fat food as a means of reducing high blood pressure.


  • Is only intended for health purposes.
  • Some dieters state that her recipes may be difficult to create.
  • Is not meant to help dieters lose weight, and she does not recommend her book to be use solely for this purpose.


Eat to Beat High Blood Pressure is a unique book that focuses on diet to prevent high blood pressure issues instead of relying on pharmaceutical drugs, and according to dieters who have used her book, the diet is simple enough to follow. It does not serve any other purpose, however, and those looking for a diet may want to consult diets that actually are promoted to stimulate weight loss.

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