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Eating Thin for Life is a diet book written by nutritionist Anne M. Fletcher, famous for her diet series Weight Loss Confidential. Featured on The Today Show and numerous magazines, Eating Thin for Life delves into the eating habits of successful dieters, whom she refers to as “masters” due to their success of keeping the weight off due to their own findings. Divided into weekly segments, each section covers a certain eating issue and explores how the masters ate to accommodate these issues, followed up by practical advice and anecdotes by Fletcher. A food secret section, a menu eating section, and a recipe section is included at the end to complete the book.

The aim of Eating Thin for Life is different from most books — instead of covering the details of a diet, it instead analyzes the diets of successful dieters and the science behind their methods. Fletcher says this is a better way of illustrating how to diet and helps dieters may independent decision about how they want to diet, provided they follow the tips listed in her book. Since its release in 1996 millions of dieters have purchased her book, and it appears her book will only continue to be more successful. Eating Thin for Life is currently sold online for $15.00.


The book does not recommend special diets or special foods that must be eaten. Instead, advice is given about how successful dieters lost the weight, supplemented with scientific analysis.

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Eating Thin for Life covers the diets of successful masters who have lost weight — and kept it off — for over three years. She calls them masters because she believes they have learned the true science of successfully dieting, and each section (split into weekly segments) covers a certain aspect of their dieting success. Medical analysis into their success is also provided for a in depth glimpse into how their strategies affected their body. This new approach has made it one of the most successful diet books on the market, and it is clear from the outstanding expert and customer support that many approve this style of approach. Additional sections, such as a “menu eating” section and a collection of recipes, are also included and are based off the tips given by the masters. Plenty of scientific evidence is included to support these theories, and it appears to be based on legitimate evidence. It is extremely focused on low-fat diets instead of other diets, however, and the recipes are not vegetarian friendly.

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  • Featured on The Today Show.
  • Is based off evidence provided by successful dieters.


  • The main focus is on low-fat diets, which may not suit everyone.
  • Their recipe section is very limited and does not have vegetarian options.
  • It does not recommend any specific diet, and is mainly sold as a motivational tool for dieters.


Eating Thin for Life is considered a great motivational tool for dieters because of its coverage of successful dieting methods used by actual dieters, and clearly many experts share this sentiment. The main focus is not on proper dieting, however, and finding an appropriate diet may require additional research.

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