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eDiets Express is diet delivery program where food is created — and delivered — to your front door depending on your dietary restrictions, preferences, and diet preferences as a convenient way to lose weight. Personally reviewed and guided by dietitians and nutrition experts, the food is cooked by chefs and pre-packaged in convenient, low calorie servings as a method of helping dieters lose weight. eDiets Express says a one or two pound loss per week should be expected, and most dieters do report losing this amount.

eDiets Express is one of many diets that now utilizes a diet delivery system as a convenient method of dieting, and celebrities have even chimed in on the diet delivery trend, including Marie Osmond and football legend Dan Marino. eDiets Express is not as popular as other services, however, but it carries one unique feature — all of the pre-packaged meals are organic and all-natural. With four customizable plans to choose from and a variety of food choices, eDiets Express is certainly one of the most flexible diet delivery systems available, but this still may provide some inconvenience for dieters.


eDiets Express uses organic ingredients to create healthy, pre-packaged meals to be delivered personally to dieters as a method of weight loss.

Product Features

eDiets Express is set up similarly to other diet delivery systems, and dieters are required to register with the website in order to receive the customizable meals. A profile is first set up to help nutritionists formulate a unique diet program according to a person’s weight, health issues, and other dietary concerns, and dieters may also speak with nutritionists to include desired food types. All meals are formulated to include a specific calorie amount, and usually falls between 1200 to 1400 calories. This is a highly recommended form of dieting by many nutritionists — calorie restriction is shown to be the most effective form of losing weight, when combined with regular exercise.

A slight issue with the program may be in the cost. Receiving the pre-packaged meals are required on a subscription basis, and dieters should make sure to be aware of the fees associated with each subscription type to avoid extra fees. Many dieters state that canceling their subscription is difficult also, which seems to be their only concern with the program. Otherwise the ease of customization and convenience are huge benefits of the program, according to consumers. This is not for the cheap, however, and dieters are only allowed to eat the pre-packaged meals in order to complete the diet.

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  • Uses organic and all-natural food to make pre-packaged meals for dieters.
  • Meals are delivered straight to a consumer’s door, eliminating the need to shop for ingredients or remember diet restrictions.


  • Is a bit costly, and consumers are charged on a subscription basis.
  • Does heavily limit what dieters can consume — the pre-packaged meals suddenly become a dieters only food option.
  • It only claims to help dieters lose up to 2lbs per week, which is safe but slow compared to other programs.


eDiets Express offers a convenient but overdone system to help dieters lose weight, and according to testimonial support, dieters have had success with the program. Some may desire more freedom to eat different foods or create their own meals, however, and is also not convenient for those who are on a budget.

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