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Ei Ta Mei is an herbal weight loss supplement. The manufacturers of Ei Ta Mei tell us that it will control your hunger, improve your body shape, and burn your fat. They say that you will lose 5%to 6% of your body weight in one month by following the directions supplied with this supplement.


The ingredients in Ei Ma Mei consist of Chinese Hawthorn, Sickle Pod Senna Seed, Oyster Shell, and Sacred Lotus Leaf.

Product Features

There is not an official website for Ei Ta Mei, but it can be ordered from numerous online stores at a price of approximately $52.00. The manufacturers say that you should take one capsule a day and that, while taking Ei Ta Mei, you should drink lots of water and eat as many raw fruits and vegetables as you can. They go on to tell us that once you have reached your ideal weight, you will only need to continue taking one capsule every two to three days. The ingredients in Ei Ma Tei are ingredients that are commonly found in other weight loss supplements. Chinese Hawthorne, which is an ingredient in Ei Ta Mei, is said to have weight loss properties, although it is more commonly used as a regional folk remedy than a lab-tested breakthrough. Sickle Pod Senna Seed has laxative properties.

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  • Ei Ta Mei is available to order from online stores.
  • There are user testimonials available online for Ei Ta Mei.
  • There is a full ingredients list available for Ei Ta Mei.


  • No official website for Ei Ta Mei, making it difficult to find accurate info about the product.
  • The product return policy for this product is not clear.
  • There do not appear to have been any controlled, standardized tests carried out on Ei Ta Mei.
  • No free trial sample of the product is available for first-time users.
  • This product does not contain any cutting-edge fat burners or appetite suppressants.


It would have been useful if the manufacturers of Ei Ta Mei had constructed an official website so that we could have a little more information on this product. It contains ingredients that can be found in other, similar herbal weight loss products. At the moment we do not have any information that informs us about what distinguishes Ei Ta Mei from other weight loss products on the market that also contain these or similar ingredients. Common herbal ingredients found in Ei Ta Mei include Chinese Hawthorn and Senna. An official website with a customer service email address would also enable to the manufacturers to answer any questions or queries from those who use or wish to use the product. At the moment we do not have any evidence as to what distinguishes Ei Ta Mei from other weight loss products on the market and so we cannot say much about it in comparison to other, more proven weight loss products.

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    I lost 35 bls in 4 months by
    taking Ei Ta Mei. Love Ei Ta Mei slim fast.


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