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Equinox is a luxury fitness club and spa with multiple locations in the United States, intended to offer state-of-the-art training and exercise for people of all fitness types and lifestyles. In addition to their exclusive training classes and training equipment, they also offer personal fitness trainer services guided by experienced trainers and spa services to relax after a workout. Equinox is extremely popular in Los Angeles and Miami, and has gained more attention from its recent features in Vanity Fair and US Weekly. People should be aware of their “elite” prices along with their high end equipment and services — it is not uncommon to pay nearly $200 for a month’s worth of Equinox membership.

This exclusive high-end fitness chain is growing in popularity, but there is some speculation it won’t help dieters lose weight considering that fitness is only one aspect of weight loss. A good workout does help slim the body, and Equinox may offer a few key points that might aid healthy weight loss. Complete, effective weight loss is a concern here, however.

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Product Features

Equinox certainly offers more than your run-of-the-mill fitness center — along with exclusive spa services, state-of-the-art equipment and a personal health bar, there are numerous classes and trainers available to help meet specific needs. Some Equinox centers are used by professional athletes because of the quality of the equipment, but it is said there is some class prejudice prevalent in their clubs, an issue that could deter typical middle-class citizens. Equinox states its facilities are for everyone, but this issue is a continuous problem that fails to be addressed.

Equinox also emphasizes the training and prestige of their fitness trainers, which continues to draw in the rich and famous. Current testimonials rave about the quality of their services, offering unique cycling and traditional cardio workouts with excellent guidance. Clearly the only troubling issues with Equinox is its price and prejudice against some people — there is a class system prevalent in their clubs. Fitness also does not offer complete support for weight loss, and none of their services offer weight loss support, merely fitness-related support. Some dieters may require intensive support from a food-related standpoint as well, and Equinox is clearly not geared towards this type of need.

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  • Offers top quality equipment and certified personal trainers.
  • Also offers a spa, included in the monthly rate.


  • The price is a bit steep, and prices increase depending on the type of training used.
  • Only available in some major U.S. cities.
  • There is said to be some prejudice practices towards people who are not in the rich class or professional athletes.


Equinox certainly appears to be an upgrade to the usual drab fitness center, offering appealing settings amongst the best rumored facilities in North America. It only offers fitness-related support, however, and for dieters looking to permanently trim away their waistline, this may not be enough. Coupled with the surprising price tag and its limited availability, most dieters may head to their local fitness center instead for a cheaper deal. Intensive, specific training and qualified trainers are two important key points here, however, and may be ideal for those looking to bulk up instead.

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