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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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The Everlast Twist Board helps to slim the hips and thighs while helping the user improve balance. The board consists of a circular platform that sits on the floor. The user stands on the Everlast Twist Board and moves the lower body back and forth in a twisting motion. We assume ball bearings are used to allow back and forth movement. There is an increased chance of injury associated with using the Everlast Twist Board because no frame is available to support the user. According to the product picture, the board is smaller than the average female foot.

List of Ingredients

Round platform on ball bearings used for core fitness and balance.

Product Features

The Everlast Twist Board is no longer available from the official Everlast website. We assume the company is no longer producing the equipment and outside retailers are selling leftover stock. When products are purchased from outside vendors, the manufacturer may not uphold any product warranties, so potential buyers must inquire about warranties before buying.

Our biggest concern about the Everlast Twist Board is the potential risk of falling. One reviewer suggested users place a skid proof pad under the Everlast Twist Board to keep it from moving on the floor. In addition, the user suggested placing the board next to a kitchen counter until balance improves enough to mount and dismount the board without falling.

Users with larger than average feet may find the equipment hard to use due to its small size. We found no dimensions for the product, but a picture of one female user standing on the Everlast Twist Board shows her feet hanging off the rear of the board. With an average foot size for women between size 8 and 9, men will have a hard time fitting shoes on the board.

The Everlast Twist Board sells for around $13.

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  • Focuses workouts on core muscles.
  • May improve balance and coordination.
  • Inexpensive.


  • No longer available from Everlast.
  • May cause a falling hazard.
  • No made for people with larger feet.
  • Requires holding onto something until balance is achieved.
  • No increase in metabolism.
  • Is not a cardio exercise machine.


The Everlast Twist Board may look like an interesting, inexpensive piece of fitness equipment, but it will not help the dieter lose weight. Working abdominal muscles may help a dieter achieve a stronger core and increased balance, but it does not focus on cardiovascular endurance and increased metabolism. Everlast no longer sells the product, so dieters must purchase at their own risk from other websites. No diet or cardio exercise advice is supplied with the Everlast Twist Board. This is a huge inconvenience for dieters trying to lose weight.

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