Everlast Womens Sauna Suit Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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The Everlast Women’s Sauna Suit is sold on Amazon.com, but not from the official website for Everlast products. Everlast does sell a similar sauna suit, but it is not described as being for women. Sauna suits are worn to increased body temperature and facilitate sweating. Sweating helps rid the body of water weight and reduces water retention. Increasing body temperature during a workout may also increase calorie burn as the body works harder to reduce body temperature. The water loss caused by the Everlast Women’s Sauna Suit is not the same as fat loss. Weight will return as soon as the dieter drinks water and the body holds onto water lost. Water is retained in the body for cellular and organ health.

List of Ingredients

Sauna suit for women.

Product Features

The Everlast Women’s Sauna Suit is made of PVC plastic. According to product reviews, the suit runs very small and tends to feel tight around the wrists and neck. Users complain that the material is low quality and the suit tears easily. The Everlast Women’s Sauna Suit was sold on Walmart.com for a short time, but the reviews were terrible and the company discontinued the product quickly.

PVC plastic holds in body heat and forces body temperature higher. The result is profuse sweating, which can be ideal for certain athletes like bodybuilders, but weight loss resulting from profuse sweating does not last more than a day or so. The body does work harder to lower body temperature, so there may be an indirect increase in metabolism when wearing the Everlast Women’s Sauna Suit.

Dieters need to be careful when using a sauna suit for weight loss as extreme dehydration can lead to muscle cramping, electrolyte imbalance and death. The suit can be hand washed, but users claim it tears very easily.

The Everlast Women’s Sauna Suit sells on various websites with prices ranging from $12.95 to $16. Dieters should be ready to wear the suit only a few times before having to replace it due to tearing.

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  • Increases sweat production and metabolism – from body cooling.
  • Cheaper than other personal fitness equipment.


  • May cause dehydration.
  • Material tears easily.
  • No longer sold through Everlast.com.
  • Bad consumer reviews regarding quality.


Sweating is the result of exercise. The Everlast Women’s Sauna Suit attempts to increase sweating to reduce weight. Consumers complain about materials easily tearing and smaller than normal fit. The suit comes in one size and that size is small, so the average dieter trying to lose weight may find the Everlast Women’s Sauna Suit too small. Everlast sells other varieties of sauna suits with some being larger and constructed from thicker material.

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