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What You Should Know

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Eyefive Inc. is a company that produces herbal supplements. The supplements are not general health or weight loss. They concentrate on physical and sexual enhancement for men and woman, with natural ingredients in their products. Eyefive Inc. has a range of different types of products, as well as a wide range of prices. The company is set up similarly to Avon, with customers being able to order from a local distributor or from the website if they so choose. The ingredients used in the products vary depending on the type of product, and the price varies as well, depending on what ingredients are used and how rare the ingredients are.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable. The products all have different ingredients in them.

Product Features

Eyefive Inc. uses natural ingredients and herbs in the products they sell. The different categories of product are gels, capsules, colognes, and oils. They have cologne for men and a perfume for women, both containing pheromones to supposedly increase attractiveness of the wearer. Because of the different types of ingredients, the prices range from $8 to $39.95, with the more rare ingredients being more expensive to include. Distributors are able to start their own business and sell the products to others, so a potential customer might be able to find a local distributor to supply the product to them if they do not wish to place a direct order from Eyefive Inc.. If not, Eyefive Inc. also allows customers to order products directly from the company. The enhancement products from Eyefive Inc. do not aid in weight loss, but the company does claim that they make the user seem more attractive, and increase stamina in physical activities.

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  • Ingredients are natural, and from different places around the world.
  • Good range of products for men and women available.


  • The expense of buying these products frequently may be a turnoff to some consumers.
  • It might be difficult to locate a local distributor, so ordering from the company would include shipping costs.
  • Eyefive Inc. products do not help customers lose weight, nor do they burn fat.
  • The claim that the perfume contains pheromones is hard to verify, as pheromones are not detectable, so a customer would not really know what was in the perfume


Eyefive Inc. has interesting products for consumers to try. While they may not help a user to lose weight, they do claim to increase stamina in certain activities. The products do not suppress appetite or burn fat, so anyone looking for fat burning products should look elsewhere for his or her needs. Eyefive Inc. seems to have natural products that come from sources around the world, and any customer who is looking for natural enhancement or who wants to start a unique business from home could start with Eyefive Inc.

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