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The EZ Krunch is an inexpensive, convenient way to achieve a firm, trim waist without the expense and trouble of going to the gym every day. This simple, portable machine was designed by a doctor to provide a maximum amount of benefit for a minimum amount of effort.

With low rise jeans and cropped shirts dominating the fashion world in the last few years, more young people have gotten concerned about their midriff. The term “six pack” no longer brings to mind a middle-aged man with a beer belly. It refers to a trim abdomen with well-defined muscles. That is why so many people are looking for more than just a diet plan. They want a product that insures a flat, well-toned tummy.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable because EZ Krunch is an exercise machine, not a diet supplement.

Product Features

The EZ Krunch exercise machine is sold by TV-Showroom and became popular through advertisements on infomercials. According to the web site, the original price is $29.95, but it is on sale for only $17.95.

Basically, this device exercises all three abdominal muscle groups in a 5 minute workout session. The ergonomic design features padded handles and leg supports, a rocking cylinder that allows for a full range of motion, and power bands that create from 20 to 100 pounds of resistance. Replacement bands can be ordered online for a minimal price.

The equipment can easily be stored in a closet or under the bed. It is very light, but strong.

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  • People who are looking for a quick work-out without the time and expense of going to a professional gym might be interested in this product.
  • The EZ Krunch can easily be ordered from TV-showroom.com.
  • The product is relatively small and lightweight for easy storage at home.


  • Since the EZ Krunch is advertised and sold through TV infomercials, there is no way to test it at a store before purchase.
  • It does not address other aspects of a healthy, fit lifestyle such as diet, cardio-vascular exercise or the toning of other muscle groups.
  • Even though exercise at home sounds like a good option, most people benefit from a group environment of encouragement and professional advice.


As with any product advertised as a quick solution with fantastic results, the EZ Krunch might be a perfectly useful exercise machine, but the buyer needs to be extremely cautious. Professional gyms have trained attendants who will make sure you do not hurt yourself through the incorrect use of any of their machines. They can make recommendations for your specific concerns. Using an exercise devise at home is convenient and inexpensive, but avoid unrealistic expectations of looking like an underwear model in a few short days.

A healthy, well-balanced approach to fitness should include the exercise of all muscle groups. Most people will want to consider a change in eating habits, as well as an herbal weight loss supplement to help burn their extra fat while they start to tone their muscles. The EZ Krunch abs machine is only a small part of an overall fit program.

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5 User Reviews about EZ Krunch

  • 1
    Irene Kadmon

    I have got the EZ Krunch for years. I am very happy with it.
    The bands don’t last for long. I just used a new one and in less
    than 50 pushes the band went and I got a bruise from it.
    I would of rated it high but this time I was very disappointed.



    I love it but where do I purchase new bands. Without the bands it is not worth having it.


  • 2
    Martina Tomic

    Please let me know where can I buy EZ Krunch. THis was the most efficient exercise machine I ever tryed. Please be so kind to provide this info for me.
    Thank you,
    Best regards,



    Hey Martina, I actually own one and when I needed new bands for it I went on Ebay. They had the device as well. Give it a try!




    I am desperately in need of bands for my EZ-KRUNCH