FabDominal Fat Burning Cream Review

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Just when you think you have seen it all, there is a new and unique weight loss supplement hitting the market. This is how the business works, and there is always a demand for more diet products and fat reduction supplements. Now we are going to examine one called FabDominal Fat Burning Cream. It is a topical weight loss treatment.

The primary pitch for FabDominal Fat Burning Cream involves aging and belly fat. Basically since men have decreases in testosterone as they age, more belly fat accumulates, and this begins after the teen years. However, the key ingredients in FabDominal Fat Burning Cream work against this natural process. This is supposed to encourage inches lost from the user’s belly and waistline. More specifically, users may be able to shed up to two inches per month, while using this cream.

List of Ingredients

Bitter Orange Extract and Guarana.

Product Features

FabDominal Fat Burning Cream is a topical treatment that is marketed toward men. Just to be clear, this product does not appear to be available any longer. It was once distributed through online dealers; however, now there is minimal information found on FabDominal Fat Burning Cream. It contains two primary ingredients, which are the only components mentioned for this product. These ingredients are Guarana and Bitter Orange Extract. Both are commonly seen in countless diet pills and capsule formulas on the market today. While Guarana is a Brazilian substance that is typically linked with increased energy levels, Bitter Orange Extract is a Chinese ingredient that is supposed to heighten fat burning abilities. Also known as Synephrine, Bitter Orange Extract is typically compared to Ephedrine (this is an ingredient that was used in weight loss pills in the past, but was banned in the United States). As for the purpose of FabDominal Fat Burning Cream, this product is claimed to help users eliminate belly fat. It is directed to be used daily, and is applied topically to the stomach/belly area. There is no official price posted for this product.

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  • FabDominal Fat Burning Cream can be easily applied topically.
  • There are only two ingredients mentioned for this fat reduction product.


  • FabDominal Fat Burning Cream appears to be discontinued.
  • Oral supplements have a better reputation for working effectively than topical weight loss products do.
  • There is no official price posted for FabDominal Fat Burning Cream.
  • This product may lead to skin irritations in some users.


Although it may surprise you, there have been a number of topical weight loss products over the years. However, these products do not have the best reputation for producing significant results. In fact, many of them simply pull water off of the user’s body, which makes them think the product is working to some degree. As for FabDominal Fat Burning Cream, this product does not even appear to be available any longer. Furthermore, there are no testimonials supporting it as an effective option for fat loss or belly toning.

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2 User Reviews about FabDominal Fat Burning Cream

  • 1

    Company was a major scam, I had to close the bank account because they continued charging after I canceled the useless cream. $80 for lotion, they probably took their monies and ran.


  • 2
    amber freeman

    i havent recieved nothing yet form here and order a while back plus money was taken out of my account just the other day for the second time