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Want a way to get the whole family involved in a healthy lifestyle? Then Family Fit: Find Your Balance is an ideal choice to help you do just that. No matter how young or old your family members are, the book can help everyone come together to learn how to make healthier decisions. The program was developed by clinical psychologist, John Mayer. He used his experience in sports and youth psychology to build the program. In his book, Mayer tells people how they can work healthy eating and exercise into their busy lifestyles.

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When it comes to the diet portion of the program, Mayer says to make foods that are not typically considered diet food. The easiest way to do this is to continue making your family favorites, but with healthier ingredients. For example, trade ground beef for ground turkey in your sloppy joes. Use whole wheat buns. Your diet should be at least 40% protein, 40% carbs, and less than 20% fat, to allow the body to function at its most efficient levels. Another important aspect of the program is that all unhealthy foods are taken out of the home. If you take the time to plan your meals ahead of when you’ll be eating, you will reduce the chance you will make an unhealthy eating decision. Planning will also help you make sure you have healthy choices on hand when you have to go out as a family or for school. Mayer focuses on creating healthy meals that are easy and quickly prepared. He says you should never skip breakfast, as this is a key element in fueling the body for the day. Stick to carb heavy meals during the week, and an omelet on the weekend.

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  • This program can help the whole family lose weight.
  • This program recognizes how important it is to drink enough water.
  • This program will help strengthen family bonds.


  • This program may be hard for the whole family to adjust to.
  • This program does not feature recipes or meal plans to help families learn what they should eat and when.
  • Different family members will have different dietary and exercise requirements.


The plus to this program is that it will get the whole family involved in developiing a helathier lifestyle. For those who need it, weight loss will be a factor. It will help family members bondy together with an emotional aspect, as well as improve the communication betwene family members. However, not all family members may need to lose weight. We recommend those who have more weigh to lose enlist the help of a proven weight loss supplement in adition to a balanced diet and regular exercise program.

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