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FinaFlex 1-Andro is a prohormone based on the “andro” formulas of old. The supplement is a chemical alternative to controlled prohormones and claims to work in much the same way as the old favorites. Prohormones are sued to boost hormone levels so the bodybuilder can achieve faster gains during the prohormone phase. Phases or cycles last just four weeks (or less in some cases) and require significant recovery supplementation after the prohormone cycle. Prohormones are methylated, which means they have a negative effect on liver function. PCT, post cycle therapy, is required after each prohormone cycle. Cycles are great for building muscle, but the muscle tends to fade away after the bodybuilder stops taking the prohormone. Typically, the bodybuilder can expect to lose at least 10 to 25 percent of the muscle gained, or more.

List of Ingredients

3-hydroxy-5alpha-androst-en-17-one and Bergamottin.

Product Features

When lawmakers placed prohormones on a controlled substance list, they forgot one small detail. They did not take into consideration that the chemicals could be altered slightly to create a complete different supplement. With the right knowledge, a chemist can change a formula multiple times to create new prohormones and the law does not cover one of them.

FinaFlex 1-Andro is specifically formulated after 1-AD, a controlled prohormone. The company claims the supplement will work just like 1-AD and they are completely right. It will cause increased muscle gains and increased muscle mass, but it will also affect liver function and cause negative side effects.

We were surprised to see so many bodybuilders in forums denouncing the use of prohormones. It seems they are not willing to take the chance on liver damage just to gain temporary muscle. Prohormones are no known to cause lasting muscle growth.

After taking a prohormone, PCT is required. FinaFlex offers PCT Black for this purpose. There are no clinical studies listed for FinaFlex 1-Andro or PCT Black.

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  • FinaFlex 1-Andro will work like 1-AD.
  • Muscle growth and mass are supported.
  • Available for sale online.
  • Ingredients are listed online.


  • Requires PCT to recover after a cycle.
  • May cause liver damage.
  • Not associated with long-term muscle gain.


FinaFlex 1-Andro is just one in a thousand prohormones created in a lab. The formula is chemically altered from a controlled prohormone to create a new supplement. The side effects and benefits are the same, but most bodybuilders are not willing to take a chance on liver damage for the brief benefits associated with prohormone use.

Even the chemically altered prohormones could cause an athlete to fail a drug test. It is best to check with athletic officials before taking FinaFlex 1-Andro or other prohormones.

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5 User Reviews about FinaFlex 1 Andro

  • 1

    Can Finaflex cause a rash on different parts of the body? My son is taking it and he has developed a rash while doing football work outs.




    My son developed a rash after taking this product after a few days too? I thought it was dermatitis related to detergent, but now worried after doing some research?



    Same thing happened to me, I get red patches all over my arms sometimes thighs and back and chest. Only after heavy training like long runs in the heat. The rash comes after I start cooling down. It goes away quickly after I take a cool shower and pop a Benadryl. It’s been about 6 months since I took finaflex and I still get the rash though not as severe. Also in the mornings my head will itch and my face will feel hot and get a little red.


  • 2
    Malcolm Smith

    I am a powerlifter. I bought a bottle of Fina Flex 1 Andro to give it a try. Used it for about 3 weeks as prescribed, never noticed any strength or muscle gains. But it is like all supplements or over the counter prohormones, some work for people and some don’t. Just a comment about what no effect I got from it. Also a comment about the narrator saying that a prohormone cycle is 4 weeks or in some cases less. That’s a bogus statement. I’ve been in strength sports all my life and been around supplements and prohormones over the counter or synthetic. Most prohormone cycle last anywhere from 10 weeks to sometimes I’ve seen people doing 16 week cycles. But like I said just a comment


  • 3

    Will FinaFlex 1 Andro cause any problems with urinalysis? And for how long will it be in the system?