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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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Fit2Touch is a couples workout program designed to help couples work together to achieve physical fitness. There is no fitness equipment needed to complete the routine, but couples are expected to use each other along the way. The workout is intimate in nature, so not everyone will enjoy this DVD. Some moves described on the available workout video clips may be uncomfortable for some couples. The instructors are fit and thus have no trouble with moves requiring strength and agility. For couples just starting out on a fitness routine, it may be best to watch the video first before attempting some of the trickier moves. The DVD is designed for two people, so it cannot be completed by only one person.

List of Ingredients

Couples-only workout DVD.

Product Features

Fit2Touch is a couple-only workout DVD that involves lots of touching and some extremely intimate moves. Conservative couples may feel more comfortable completing this DVD in the privacy of the bedroom or skipping the workout all together.

In addition to the Fit2Touch DVD, there are personal classes and personal training sessions. There are dates and locations listed on the official website, but no cities or countries are listed. We have no idea where these classes are held. The class rate is $120 for four weeks (3 classes per week), $104 for 8 classes (2 classes per week) and $15 for a drop-in class. These rates are competitive with other gym classes and personal training sessions.

The thought of completing a couples intimate workout in a gym setting with other couples may be a bit overpowering for a dieter. We suggest watching the DVD first and trying some of the moves at home before venturing out to take an in-person intimate fitness class like Fit2Touch.

Information about each of the instructors (a married couple) is available on the Fit2Touch website. We were hoping there would be some location-specific information to help us pinpoint where the gym is located for classes, but that information is not provided.

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  • Class prices are listed online.
  • The DVD is available for purchase from the official website.
  • Unique couples DVD for fitness.
  • Personal training is available.


  • No specific location for the classes.
  • Couples may feel uncomfortable working out in public with intimate moves.
  • Some of the moves on the DVD require strength and balance.


There is nothing better than spending quality time getting closer to a loved one with a couple’s workout. The DVD lacks a diet and cardio exercise routine and the classes are located on streets in unknown cities. The official website offers no diet or exercise tips for couples and the workouts cannot be completed with one person.

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