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FitPrime is a series of workout DVDs that are specifically designed for women over 35. The creator of the FitPrime series, Anna Benson, was also responsible for the introduction of the Firm workout videos that appeared many years prior to this title series. Benson sells the DVDs on her own website, but we also found the DVDs through other online retailers, and some offered a lower price. The DVD collection does not appear to be sold as a discounted package deal.

FitPrime consists of six workout DVDs; Metaboost, a workout with dumbbells, Flex Posture, which consists of hip and thigh exercises, more dumbbell exercises with Pump, Lean, a cardio workout, Upper Body Burn and Lower Body Burn. Consumers who are looking to meet particular needs with a fitness DVD or two will be happy to know that the product website clearly lays out the purpose of each DVD and shows a pie graph breaking down the program into Pilates, yoga, cardio and weights.

Product Features

The DVDs each focus on a specific type of exercise and a particular area of the body, but each incorporates a degree of Pilates, yoga, cardio and weights. While cardio workouts are the best for burning calories, fat burning can be further enhanced with a regular program of strength training. Pilates and yoga can both work on the mental aspect of exercise while focusing on flexibility workouts that will tone muscles and help the body avoid injury during other types of exercise.

Each DVD sold on the product website for $16.99 each at the time of this review. However, we found the same DVDs and additional FitPrime titles through other online retailers for a reduced price. We also found used copies of the DVDs and older videos on sale for much less. We were very disappointed to find that the DVDs did not appear to be sold in a discounted package deal and that returns were not encouraged through the product website.

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  • The DVDs provide fitness programs for women over 35.
  • The products are reasonably priced and discounts are available.


  • The program targets women in a particular age category only.
  • The weight loss program does not include information about nutrition.
  • A weight loss supplement is not encouraged.
  • There is no special packaging and pricing for the complete set.


If you are a woman in your middle years of life who wants to get fit, the FitPrime DVD series might be perfect for you. However, weight loss is a process that involves more than exercise to see serious results. We recommend you combine the exercise program of your choice with a sensible, low calorie diet and proven supplement containing an appetite suppressant and fat burner for best results.

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