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Fizogen ON CYCLE is a testosterone boosting supplement that claims to increase anabolic properties in the body. Many of these supplements will include natural libido enhancers as the testosterone boosting ingredients. The theory is that libido is controlled by testosterone and thus an increased libido must mean increase testosterone. The truth is that prohormones or testosterone builders tend to come from plant ingredients that have no effect on human testosterone levels at all.

List of Ingredients

2-TEST-A-PV (Hybrid Pro-Testosterone Fusion): Premium Puncture Vine Extract, Premium Tongkat Ali.

PAFRI-MOO (Designer Anabolic / Adaptogenic Complex): Pfaflia Poniculata Extract, Black Russian Moomiyo Extract, Ajugo Turkestanica Extract, Eastern Blx Leuzea Carthonoides Extract.

ORC-DION (Pro-Androgenic Infusion Agent): Bovine Orchic Extract, Dioscorea Villoso Extract.

BLAC-YIN (High Grade Pro-Androgenic Analog): Yin Yang Huo Extract, Black Diamond Truffle Extract.

GIDIA (G.I. Digestion Infusion Agent): Bioperine, Lysophasphatidyl Choline.

ML-DTX (Pro-Detox Fusion): Milk Thistle Extract, Licorice Root Extract.

DBA-BSP (DHT Blocking Agent): b-Sitosterol, Saw Palmetto Extract, Pygeum Extract.

Product Features

Hybrid Pro-Testosterone Fusion includes tongkat ali. This ingredient is more often used as a libido enhancer than a supplement ingredient. The only supplements that include tongkat ali are those that claim to increase testosterone. There are no studies in the human population that support the claim that tongkat ali affects testosterone at all.

Designer Anabolic / Adaptogenic Complex includes Moomiyo extract which is often referred to as the “Black Russian Anabolic”. Russian studies claim load gains during weight lifting workouts of 15% to 27% in athletes. This effect has not been repeated in western studies. Bodybuilders cycle Moomiyo extract during the last week before a competition and up to a week after the competition is over. We assume the short cycle means the body gets used to the effect of the extract quickly.

Pro-Androgenic Infusion Agent contains bovine orchic extract. This extract is taken from the testicles of cattle and is thought to help maintain testicle health. There is no proof this ingredient will boost testosterone or testicle health.

Pro-Androgenic Analog lists Yin Yang Huo Extract, more commonly known as Horny Goat Weed. As the name implies, this supplement is used for male infertility and to boost male libido. There is no connection between Horny Goat Weed and testosterone production.

G.I. Digestion Infusion Agent contains black pepper or Bioperine. There is some evidence that this ingredient could make other ingredients more bioavailable in the body by increasing absorption.

The Fizogen ON CYCLE supplement sells for $119.95 per bottle. This price is much higher than other testosterone boosting supplements and the ingredients are not proven effective.

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  • All ingredients listed on the official website.


  • None of the ingredients will work as claimed.
  • Plants cannot boost human testosterone.
  • One ingredient comes from the testicles of cattle.


Dieters will find the Fizogen ON CYCLE supplement useless. There are no fat burners or appetite suppressants. Bodybuilders who would take this supplement when they are ON CYCLE may be greatly disappointed in the results.

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