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Some health products seem to target one or two key ways to improve your health, but Flavay seems to have more of a broad range. It’s supposed to give you stronger joints and a better blood circulation, but Flavay also claims to help improve your health overall. It refers to itself as an “antioxidant supplement.” Antioxidants are very popular today, because they’re believed to fight cancer, or at least reduce the chances of someone getting cancer.

Unlike some diet supplements and other health products that seem to be little more than fads, Flavay has actually been around for about 60 years. The company says that it hasn’t changed its formula as time has passed.

The company also makes Flavay Plus and BioMor.

List of Ingredients

Flavay’s ingredients include Grape Seed and Maritime Pine.

Product Features

Flavay is supposed to fight free radicals and help recycle other antioxidants in the body. It also claims to regulate the free radical Nitric Oxide, which can be both good and bad.

On average, adults take two capsules, and children take one per day, although many people do fine by taking twice as much, according to Flavay. At times when you’re having specific health problems, you can take even more.

Flavay costs about $50 a bottle.

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  • The company has been around for almost 60 years, and says that its product is completely safe.
  • Flavay claims to be used throughout the United States and Europe.


  • A bottle of Flavay can be expensive, especially if purchasing a bottle becomes a regular occurrence.
  • It may be better to find a cheaper and more effective way to target specific health issues rather than purchase a product such as Flavay that has more of a general scope.
  • Taking supplements such as Flavay may not work for everyone’s schedule. If you’re not used to taking supplements, you may be prone to forget.


The company says that Flavay fights free radicals from spreading throughout the body and degrading your health. In other words, Flavay is supposed to help your body increase its blood circulation, improve your joints and your overall health. It’s also supposed to help reduce stress, increase the strength and elasticity of blood vessels, help collagen repair itself, reduce platelet aggregation, relieve problems that can come with varicose veins, and many other things.

The company seems to be stable — if nothing else, they’ve continued to pass the test of time. However, many would still argue that it’s best to seek a more natural means than relying on a supplement.

Although studies have shown that even pregnant women can safely take Flavay, customers are advised to consult with their doctor before taking it.

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    My wife has moderate Dimentia. She also has
    AFIB, High Blood Pressure and Constriction of
    the artery to the kidney. Is it safe for her to take Flavay?