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As far as weight management, there are many benefits that can be acquired from natural food sources to help you with your weight loss goals. One of these sources is known as Folate, or Folic Acid. In fact, many diet and weight loss supplements contain natural ingredients such as Folate because there are many benefits to these ingredients. Although Folic Acid supplements are readily available from drug stores and other retailers, it is widely known that vitamins and minerals work best to aid the body when they are derived from natural foods. For this review, we will look at the advantages and disadvantages to using Folate to meet your weight loss goals.

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Folate can be found in a variety of foods which are readily available from your local grocery store or farmer’s market. Foods which are rich in Folate include: “peanuts, wheat germ, broccoli, apricots, brewer’s yeast, beans, melons, free range eggs, almonds, cantaloupe, carrots, and green leafy vegetables. Folate has been known to have many positive benefits such as fighting cancer, weakness, fatigue, insomnia, irritability, and as far as weight loss, it may be helpful in aiding the digestion process and in increasing the metabolism.

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  • Folate is found in a wide variety of natural food sources which are readily available.
  • Folate may aid in the digestion process and in increasing the metabolism.


  • Not all dieters are receptive to trying new foods, so certain foods which are rich in Folate may not be desirable to all dieters.
  • Though Folate may have some benefits, it can not be used as a sole method for weight loss.
  • Folate does not promote or increase thermogenesis within the body.


There are many ways to approach weight loss including a change in diet, weight loss supplements, exercise, and more. Dieters have an overwhelming number of choices when it comes to beginning a weight loss program. One tried and true method involves eating a healthy, low calorie diet along with a safe exercise program. Healthy foods which are rich in Folate, or Folic Acid, can certainly aid in reaching weight loss goals as these foods are said to help aid in the digestion process and possibly to speed up the metabolism. While Folate can not be used as a sole method to lose weight, it is a step in the right direction to eat the healthy foods which are rich in this component such as green leafy vegetables, apricots, beans, and others. In addition to eating a healthy diet which includes these types of foods, dieters may want to research a proven appetite suppressant to help curb food cravings and a safe fat burning supplement which can increase thermogenesis within the body.

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    Sue Harrison

    What is the normal level for folate?


  • 2
    Sue Harrison

    My doctor recently ordered
    several blood tests for me. I don’t know what some of them were for. I am at 20.0 in folate and 177 in vitamin B12.
    I would like to know if these are good or bad levels please.