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Losing weight is never easy, this is why people go to experts for advice on diet and exercise. There are a variety of ways to do this; visit a health care provider, consult a weight loss clinic, follow a plan presented in a book, use weight loss supplements or purchase special foods and drinks. The Form You 3 Weight Loss Centers offer all of these in one convenient location.


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The Form you 3 Weight Loss Center offers two diet programs, both of which are based on federally recognized dietary standards. The program is based on a food exchange system that also has the option of meal replacement substitutions for those who have an active lifestyle and need more convenience. The programs include individual consultation and in some areas also offer monthly classes on weight management. In additional to the plans there are also a variety of weight loss supplements and foods that complement the programs and aid in weight loss. All products and guidelines are monitored and developed by a registered dietician.


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  • The company offers individual counseling for dieters.
  • There are a variety of products available the compliment the weight loss plan.




  • The program is only available in a few states.
  • The company says a licensed dietician helped create the program but does not list the name or credentials of the individual.
  • There is no evidence that the individual counselors have any formal training in nutrition.
  • The monthly cost of the program may be prohibitive for some.
  • The company strongly encourages members to utilize the supplements and other products produced by the manufacturer which can lead to even greater cost.




There are several reasons these weight loss centers will not be a viable option for the majority of dieters. The most obvious is that the centers are only located in three states; Illinois, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Additionally there is only one location in each of these and they are all franchises rather than centers directly owned by the manufacturer. Next, although there is allegedly some oversight by a professional in the field of health and nutrition, no specific information is given about this individual making it impossible to verify his or her credentials. The counselors that are supposed to guide dieters are not cited as being accredited in any way making the oversight of the program questionable. The financial requirements of joining the center and then using the products offered by the center may make the cost out of reach for many dieters. Finally, the company offers no clinical proof that their plan or products work as advertised. If you want something to make the weight loss process easier choose a supplement that has been studied and proven to be a safe and effective way to curb appetite or burn fat rather than risk your time and money on a host of products that have not been proven to be effective in any way.

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    I loved Formyou3 program but we no longer have it in our area. I would love to find the meltdown, level 1,2,3 plans. My plans were lost when i moved several years ago. I had great success with the diet plans!!!! If anyone would like to share them with me please send them to