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The Formostar is a skin wrap system which, the manufacturers claim, will help those undergoing the treatments with losing weight. Those distributing the Formostar system tell us that the Formostar generates Far Infared Energy, which is the energy that our bodies actually absorbs from the sun. The Formostar was conceived in Germany and the first Formostar system was manufactured in 1983. It was originally devised to help those who had joint and mobility problems, but we are told that those who tried the treatments began to also experience weight loss and general health benefits. Those selling and distributing the Formostar system tell us that it stimulates the metabolic and immune system, providing a wide range of well being and weight loss related benefits.


There are no ingredients, the Formostar is a body wrap system that the manufacturers claim generates Far Infared Energy.

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The official website for the Formostar tells us that the Formostar wraps are placed against the skin in order to affect the absorption of the Far Infared Energy into the body. The official Formostar website tells us that the deep heat reaches through the muscles and tissues to stimulate the metabolism and increase the circulation, which is what would happen with concentrated exercise. The manufacturers tell us that to obtain maximum benefits from the Formostar wraps, they should be used in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise. Those who sell the Formostar system claim that the Far Infared Energy increases our body’s molecular energy, which in turn activates the body’s metabolism. The Formastar wraps are available in the United States and Europe and more recently they have been introduced into Australia and New Zealand. The official Formostar website has a search engine which allows you to find a salon near you that gives skin wrap treatments with this system.

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  • There is an official website for the Formostar system.
  • If you have joint or mobility problems the Formostar system may also help these problems.
  • The official website gives contact details for those who have any questions or concerns.


  • Not all beauty salons have a Formostar System.
  • If the treatments are not successful there does not seem to be a money back guarantee offered.
  • We would like to know a lot more about the technology behind Formostar.
  • It seems like Formostar treatments need to be administered by a professional spa, which could become pricey and time consuming.


The official website for the Formostar system is very well constructed and full of detailed information. This is certainly in the manufacturer’s favour, since it allows consumers to make an informed choice as to whether this may be an appropriate weight loss method for them. The Formostar wrap system is definitely something different, and you could do worse than ask a spa professional for more details.

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  • 1

    It does not work at all. The biggest waste of money I have ever experienced. Not happy at all. People just trying to take your money for nothing.



    at least not for weight loss I mean.


  • 2

    I’ve been using Formostar for 3 months straight at a day spa in downtown Long Beach, and 2x a week. My post prego belly is almost gone. I wish that I could go more but my work schedule doesn’t allow me to. The spa also offers an plant based gel to rub on my wrapped areas as well as a tummy wrap belt for extra water release. I love it so much, I notice my cellulite is practically gone, plus it helps my sciatic back pain! My skin looks good, my mood is better and it makes me want to eat healthier. I strongly recommend this machine.


  • 3
    Elaine Snyder

    Can Formostar be used if you had a hip or shoulder replacement


  • 4

    Scheduled 2 1/2 mos of treatments- going about twice a week. Really helps arthritis pain. need to monitor intensity on bottom- it gets hot. Sweat suit serves to heat up the experience- no creams needed. Worth the price and time! Belly is shrinking some!


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