FRS Antioxidant Health Drink Review

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FRS Antioxidant Health Drink is a diet and health supplement once intended to fight fatigue. Continued research indicates it increases athletic performance due to the sustained energy boosts it provides to those who drink it.


No official ingredient list is available though it is known the key ingredient in FRS Antioxidant Health Drink is Quercetin. Quercetin is an all natural ingredient commonly found in apple skins, blueberries, and onions.

Product Features

The Quercetin found in these sources is not all of the same quality. The FRS Antioxidant Health Drink uses only the highest quality, best Quercetin there is. The drink is made with a mix of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and metabolic enhancers to ensure its effectiveness. FRS Antioxidant Health Drink prides itself on being the only Quercetin drink with an FDA GRAS, generally recognized as safe, rating. The drink is being studied by the United States Government to prove it may help boost the immune system and provide overall support. The drink is available in multiple flavors: lemon lime, wild berry, orange, and mango. There are low calorie versions of the drink available for those who need to watch intake, as well. Reviews state some of the flavors are easier to swallow than others in terms of taste. Some do not taste like traditional energy drinks, but more like vitamin supplements. There is a two week free trial with shipping and handling must be paid. The trial will include a drink, a bottle of concentrate that provides enough to make five drinks, 30 soft chews, and a box of powder packets for making the drink on the go. These different formats are provided so everyone can find a method that works best for them.

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  • Provides an all natural energy boost.
  • May help to protect and support the immune system.


  • If you choose a two week free trial and forget to cancel, you’ll have to pay $64.95 plus the cost of shipping and handling.
  • Many negative reviews from outside websites.


It is hard to say what kind of value this product has to offer its consumers. This drink may provide assistance with weight loss because of the inclusion of metabolic enhancers, but in order to lose weight a supplement should also include appetite suppressants. It may help people find the energy they need to workout, but this drink will not work to help people lose weight without the proper diet and exercise routine. When combined with another supplement meant strictly for weight loss it may work well. The only advantage this product has as compared to other energy drinks is the FDA rating and the scientific research that went into the creation of the beverage.

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    I would like to know how many times a day to drink them


  • 2
    Zak Payne

    how many hours does it last


  • 3
    Zak Payne

    If I drink this before I work out when should I take it, and does this keep you from sleeping