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What You Should Know

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Fucus velt translates to “to better health” in Spanish. As a result of this, it seems better marketed to Spanish speaking people than any other. There is very little information on the product other than a short commercial on YouTube. The commercial is in Spanish and therefore makes it hard for anyone who does understand or speak the language to absorb.


An exact list of ingredients is hard to obtain, though from the video it is apparent that seaweed is an ingredient as the genus of seaweed is known as Fucus. A very common seaweed used in weight loss supplement is known as bladderwrack. Bladderwrack works to produce weight loss as a laxative. It also contains a natural source of iodine to provide a variety of health benefits.

Product Features

Because the information provided on the product is Spanish, it is hard to discuss Fucus Velt in the same manner as others. The product is thought to be a supplement meant for cleansing toxins from the body and promoting overall health. It is a non-stimulant product that while removing toxins will also work to lower cholesterol and getting rid of fatty acids.

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  • May provide a variety of health benefits.


  • Product is not available in English.
  • No product website is available.
  • No customer testimonials.
  • Ingredients are unclear.
  • No information on Fucusvelt cost.
  • Fucusvelt probably does not address weight loss with the use of appetite suppressants and thermogenic ingredients.
  • May promote weight loss, but only through the use of laxatives.
  • This means the weight will quickly return.
  • Unclear satisfaction guarantee and return policy.


Those who are looking for a weight loss or health supplement should most certainly look the other way with this one. The fact is we cannot really find any information on the product to help you decide why you should buy it in the first place. The only thing in this product that may help with weight loss is the inclusion of bladderwrack. Because bladderwrack stimulates the bowels, the weight loss will only occur because of the laxative affect and therefore is not really a good investment.

Before starting to take any sort of health supplement, one should always speak to his or her health care professional. This will make sure you are healthy enough to take fucusvelt. When the doctor sees the little information available on fucusvelt, he or she will likely tell you to find another supplement where more information is available. If you want to lose weight, you should combine a healthy diet with an exercise routine. Any weight loss supplement you take should include appetite suppressants and thermogenic ingredients to help you burn fat and eat less.

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