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Mitch Gaylord is an Olympic gold medal gymnast and Hall of Famer. He is the man behind the G-Ball, on which he has a trademark. It is used in accordance with powerful training programs designed to demolish calories.

Mitch does a series of six DVD videos that incorporate the G-Ball. These workout routines and accompanying meal plan promise users will learn how to lose pounds and inches. His program includes the Three Day Melt. It is a program that promises users will drop one full size in just three days.

The G-Ball is a weighted ball about the size of a volleyball. It comes in 2 lb., 4 lb., and 6 lb. weights. It may be used as a medicine ball. It may be used alone, with a partner, or in conjunction with the exercises designed by Mitch Gaylord.

List of Ingredients

N/A because it is a weighted medicine ball.

Product Features

The Melt-It Off program comes with recipes, food journals, and tools to monitor your weight loss progress. The day-to-day diet involves eating fresh vegetables, lean proteins, and low-glycemic carbohydrates. The whole package includes a 2 lb. G-ball, meal plans and recipes, a guide to the three-day “Kick Start” of the program, and three videos or DVD’s titled: Cardio-Burn and Sculpt workout, Sizzlin Abs Workout, and High Calorie Melt workout. Currently, this program costs $19.98. Higher weight G-balls (4 and 6 lbs) and DVD’s are sold separately for about $20 a piece.

The G-Ball is designed to strengthen the core of the body (abdomen and back) as well as add muscle definition and burn calories.


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  • Created by a well-accomplished Olympic gold medal athlete and Hall of Famer.
  • Intense workouts help you burn calories in relatively small amount of time.
  • Can be done at home.
  • Does not require a gym membership.


  • Individuals may tire of exercise routine.
  • Weight loss claims and calorie-burning claims may be exaggerated.
  • Some users do not experience any fun during the workout routines.
  • Needs to be combined with cardiovascular workouts.
  • Some users report that they cannot do the moves in the workout.


The G-Ball may be purchased on its own or in accordance with the package (eating plans and DVD’s containing workout regimens) designed by Mitch Gaylord. The G-Ball and its exercises are designed to strengthen the back and abdomen areas while burning calories.

However, the same goals could be achieved by using a medicine ball. It seems that this product’s claim to fame is through its Hall of Fame and Olympic gold medalist promoter and creator. Weight loss claims and calorie-burning claims may be exaggerated and some users are not able to perform the motions in the video or DVD exercises. The initial package including the G-Ball (2 lbs.) forces the consumer to spend more on the higher-weighted G-balls. In other words, to achieve more benefits demands spending more money on the product. The G-Ball must be combined with dieting and/or gym memberships to produce the weight loss declared by G-Ball.

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    I have to say I find this review a little disappointing. I purchased the melt it off program with the G Ball back in 2007. I found the G ball to be an awesome tool to work out with. The melt it off program was great. I didn’t follow the diet because I was following my own diet at the time. I did follow the scheduled exercise plan that they send with the dvd and G Ball. Yes, the workout was hard, especially the first few days and there were some exercises that I couldn’t do right away. What I did do though was I attempted them. I wasn’t a little woman either, I weighed quite a bit. The fact that I hadn’t done a push up or a jumping jack in years definitely contributed to me having dificulty with some of those exercises. After several days of attempting the exercises and doing more reps each time, I finally began conquering them and it got easier. I lost inches you would not believe on the Melt it off program. So much that I had to give away some of my clothes and buy more in my new size. I started the program in a size 20 and when I stopped I was down to a size 16. I worked out 5-6 times a week for about a month and a half. A year later when I put on some extra pounds and couldn’t fit this dress I had in my closet I pulled the G Ball out and worked out for like 3 or 4 days. I pulled the dress back out and tried it on just out of curiosity and it fit! I couldn’t believe it.t zipped right up and I flipped out. I didn’t even diet that time. Anyway, I still have my G Ball but my dvd is all scratched up and it won’t play without skipping and stalling so I am going to buy another Melt it off program. I know the program works you just have to keep at it. The weight isn’t going to magically go away because you wish it would. You have to get off your butt, work, sweat, feel the burn and push through it. I cried, screamed and yelled during the workouts the first week of the program. My will and my body were fighting each other every day but I continued on and got results. Anyone who really wants to change their body can. Whether its with the G Ball or a gym. That’s all I wanted to say. Thanks for letting me share. :-)


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    Works Wonderfully Great Work Out each day!