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Gaboxetine is a prescription drug used to treat serious problems, though it is commonly confused with weight loss drugs as there are so many of each on the market. Gaboxetine is a combination of Fluoxetine and GABAdone.


Fluoxentine and GABADone.

Product Features

Fluoxetine is a prescription ingredient that functions as a selective sertonin uptake inhibitor commonly used to treat conditions such as PMDD, anorexia, bulimia, obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression.

GABADone is also a prescription ingredient that “provides the amino acids that are precursors to the neurotransmitters that have been depleted due to certain disease states or as a result of certain drug side effects.” This drug is used to treat sleep disorders and induce sleep. This drug is powerful and should not be used by those who do not need it.

Because both of these ingredients are available by prescription only, people without a prescription should not take this medication. Those who do have a prescription should discuss options with their doctor in order to make sure it is the best treatment option available. If you do not suffer from an eating disorder, depression, sleep disorders, or PMDD, chances are you will need another medication to do you well.

Because this drug is commonly used to treat eating disorders, many have begun to think of it as a weight loss drug. This is not the case. Gaboxetine should only be used by people who have seen a doctor and who need it to treat a serious condition which is it used for. More information on the drug can be found on the manufacturer’s website. This product is meant only to treat serious conditions, and not to help people lose weight.

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  • Gaboextine is commonly used to treat eating disorders.


  • Price will vary on a variety of factors such as where the prescription is filled, the quantity of pills and the type of insurance the patient has.
  • Drug contains SSRI’s and sleep aids.
  • Not a weight loss drug. Serious prescription drug.


Those who are looking for weight loss drug need to look for something else. The right kind of weight loss drug includes appetite suppressants and fat burning properties. People looking to lose weight should stay away from anti-depressant drugs and sleep aids. When choosing a weight loss supplement, people should consider supplements which address all aspects of dieting, increased energy and metabolism. Anyone wanting to lose weight should eat a balanced diet, include an exercise plan and drink plenty of water. This is a plan for success with or without the assistance of weight loss supplements. Nothing in this drug addresses appetite suppression, fat burning, or increased metabolism, and therefore makes it an ineffective weight loss drug.

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