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Gazelle is a line of fitness equipment that has been designed by Tony Little, who has become a national icon in the USA for his exercise programs and advice. Little has been around since the 1980s developing fitness videos and now moving on to exercise equipment consisting in various types of elliptical trainer.

Gazelle elliptical trainers have grown in popularity due to the fact that they provide a basic workout option which is cheap and also easy to use. Ellipticals in general have many benefits over similar equipment such as treadmills, and as such can be used by those with joint or back problems.

Gazelle Edge, a specific model of Little’s machines, is suitable for those who wish to increase their amount of cardiovascular exercise. It helps provide enough of an aerobic workout to increase the heart rate and to lose weight, depending on the amount of time the machine is used. For more challenging workouts, the elliptical machine may need to be combined with other methods of exercise.


The Gazelle machine.

Product Features

The Gazelle Edge itself is one model of Little’s elliptical trainers, and is the cheapest of all the ellipticals Little has to offer. It is a sturdy machine that is capable of holding people up to 250 lbs in weight and has various workout options. It will also monitor your speed, the distance you have moved and the approximate number of calories that have been burned during the workout.

The Gazelle Edge is not unique amongst elliptical trainers, though it is in terms of price. It is a machine that will suit general needs and comes with many features that are standard on more expensive exercise machines. However, due to its price it is not going to be the best quality machine available but will suit the needs of most people. It is also designed to be stored easily, helping to save space and make exercise more convenient.

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  • The Gazelle Edge provides an aerobic workout which can help you lose weight.
  • Relatively cheap. This product retails for around $100.


  • This product will require a fairly large area to set it up and use it.
  • Like similar products, even when folded for storage it can be quite heavy and bulky.
  • You must use the Gazelle Edge on a regular basis if you want to lose weight.


The Gazelle Edge is a nice alternative to treadmills and stationary bikes and provides a very low impact workout. You will have to use self-discipline to keep on a reasonable schedule while using this machine or you probably won’t lose much weight. If you can dedicate a couple hours a week, you should improve your overall health while losing a few pounds but we highly recommend using a thermogenic weight loss supplement in addition to this product.

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6 User Reviews about Gazelle Edge

  • 1

    I am on a visit to us for 6months.I have seen the function of gazelle edge and as i have bad knee i find this eqpt quite good.I want to buy one machine from here and ship to india if the same is feasible.I request your guidance in this regard. Thank you


  • 2

    Where can I get a instruction book. I bought mine used and they didn’ have the book.


  • 3

    I some how loosened one of the cables on the Gazelle Edge and it clicks when I’m working out on it. I was going too fast and was walking on my toes leaning forward when this happened.
    How do I fix this problem?


  • 4
    Regan Gallmon

    How long is the Gazelle Edge when ready to use?



    about 6 feet by 4 feet



    I’ve been using this machine for a few months now. I had to get rid of my treadmill due to knee and feet problems, plus I wasn’t losing any weight any way. I need to build muscle due to my age, 47. So far I’ve lost about 15 pounda with the Gazelle, veggies, fruits and lean protien only. I snuck i a fee goodies now and then of course. Oh and lots of water and or green tea.