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GCBx, Green Coffee Bean Extreme, is a dietary supplement using the power of green coffee bean and the appetite suppression power of African mango to assist with weight loss and fat loss. There are limited studies proving the effectiveness of green coffee bean. There are even less relating to the effectiveness of African mango. The supplement is available on the official website as well as third party ecommerce sites for approximately $45. This is quite expensive for a supplement that will not guarantee weight loss.

List of Ingredients


  • Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • African Mango

Product Features

GCBx makes several claims, not one being supported by actual scientific research or clinical trials. There are several statements throughout the official website stating the supplement underwent clinical trials, but the manufacturer fails to provide links to the studies. We do know that green coffee been has been in the spotlight doe to claims on television shows such as the Dr. Oz show, but the research is a bit lacking.

The other ingredient listed in GCBx is African Mango. Although the website states this ingredient blocks carbohydrates from being absorbed, this is only believed to be true, not actually proven.

The supplement is available on the website and is priced higher than similar supplements on the market. We found the supplement available for approximately $50 on the official website as well as on third party ecommerce sites such as Amazon.com. Considering the ingredients listed in the supplement, compared to supplements in the industry, GCBx is twice as expensive.

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  • The ingredient list is available on the official website.
  • The official website provides a blog detailing proper use and dietary recommendations.


  • There is no guarantee of weight loss.
  • The clinical research listed on the website relates to the green coffee bean extract, not GCBx.
  • The supplement is no backed by clinical trials.
  • There is no evidence of scientific research associated with GCBx.
  • The supplement is expensive.
  • There are limited customer testimonials.


GCBx is not a supplement we can stand behind. There are no links to actual clinical studies or scientific research. The customer testimonials are merely pictures of customers that potentially lost weight using the supplement. There is no information as to how long weight loss takes and if dieters engaged in exercise and healthy dieting. The supplement is expensive and we believe the average dieter will not be willing to invest in a supplement with no support of effectiveness. If GCBx supplied actual scientific research, we could stand behind the product. Unfortunately, when a supplement simply makes claims without documentation, the validity is lost.

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